Need to change your cycle chain? You room not the only one. No matter what kind of bicycle you own, a slipped, damaged, or worn-out cycle chain is a usual issue the all bike owners suffer at the very least once.

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Here’s the an excellent news, placing your cycle chain back on is easy, and won’t take an ext than a couple of minutes! We’ll display you just how to settle a slipped bike chain, and also how to change your bike chain if you require a brand-new one altogether. If you’d choose to know just how to take it a chain turn off a bike, click here.

How to put a cycle chain ago on

If her bike chain slipped off its gear while you are cycling, follow these 5 steps on how to placed a chain ago on a bike. This also works because that multi-speed bikes such as mountain bikes.

Step 1: Downshift

The very first thing you have to do is the many important, and also it may even be the just solution girlfriend need. If you are still riding your bike, downshift come the lowest front gear setting using your left shifter, therefore the chain move to the largest chainring. Then, save pedaling and see if the chain goes earlier into place.

Step 2: elevator the behind tire

If the very first step does no work, you will certainly needto obtain off of your bike and also untangle the chain therefore you have the right to put it back intoplace. You can do this by spinning the pedals v one hand when lifting therear tire through the other. Watch if this solves the problem. If not, proceed withstep 3.

Step 3: relax the tension

At this point, you will should release thechain tension by pushing the behind derailleur forward. Reposition the chain bylifting it and also placing it on the chainring, then follow step 2 again in orderto realign the chain. Keep repeating this action until the chain falls ago intoplace.


Step 3: obtain the chain with thederailleur

Once the old chain is removed, you deserve to nowreplace it with your brand-new bike chain. However first, it’s essential that girlfriend measureit against the old chain to ensure the it’s the correct length. If the newchain is also long, you’ll need to break the bicycle chain and remove a few linksin order come shorten it.

Afterward, you deserve to place the brand-new chain on her bike. First, feeding the chain through the highest pulley referred to as the overview pulley. Next, find the derailleur cage, which have to be in between the tension and also guide pulley, and also thread the chain within the derailleur cage. Finally, subject the chain end the stress and anxiety pulley.

The last action is to reconnect your brand-new chain. Just align the two open up links, fit lock in the chain tool v the control pin dealing with the chain attach pin, then screw the pin into the attach until it’s completely secure. Occupational slowly, and wriggle the chain every now and also then to see whether the screw is too loosened or as well tight.

That’s it! before you go, examine to do surethat whatever is in its ideal place, and work the pedals v your hand afew time to view if the chain object nicely. Then, simply wipe and also clean off thegrease, and you’re great to go!

Final thoughts

Each and every bike owner has experienced chain slippage at least once, and it can happen to friend too, even if she riding a brand-new bike with q new and glowing chain. But, together you’ve seen in this article, fixing the difficulty is quick and easy!

Here space a pair of beneficial reminders to save your bicycle chain in top-notch condition:

Take care of your bike chain.

You recognize what they say. “An ounce of avoidance is better than a lb of cure.” If you want to gain the maximum performance from her bike chain because that a lengthy time, you need to take treatment of it properly. For one thing, always clean and also lubricate the chain so the threads and also spins nicely without too much tension and debris that can cause it come wear and slip. Also, make sure not to placed too lot pressure on her bike. Distribution heavyweights evenly and also consider obtaining a an excellent bike cargo trailer.

Check your chain thoroughly.

While solving slipped chain is easy, you need to completely assess the condition of her bike chain to view whether there are any type of underlying difficulties that are bring about the slippage. Doing so have the right to prevent additional slippage, determine whether you require to carry in your bike because that repair, identify if girlfriend need new chains, and also most importantly, store you safe on the road.

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Common bicycle chain concerns include incorrectchain length, not enough lubrication, hefty loads causing too much chaintension, too much wear and also tear, and also damage early out to affect and not correct use.Know her limits, a.k.a when you can fix the worry yourself, and also when friend needprofessional aid (such together if the chain is damaged in more than one section).