Here's what to know before and after obtaining a nipple piercing, consisting of common questions, what to intend, and also aftertreatment tips.

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Nipple piercings have become much more mainstream in the last few years, largely because of the growing variety of celebrities who proudly display screen them, like Rihanna and Kendall Jenner. But if you’re considering nipple piercings, recognize that they are slightly even more complicated and perhaps painful than many kind of various other piercings; you should carry out a tiny little bit of research prior to diving right into the process. Luckily, we’re right here to provide all the indevelopment you need. First, let’s address some of themost widespread questionspeople have actually about nipple piercings.


Do nipple piercings hurt?

Just like any type of body piercing, you can suppose some sharp pain as the needle pierces your skin, yet the level of pain will vary from perchild to perchild. Nipples contain more nerve endings than many type of other piercing locations, so they are mostly even more sensitive and painful to pierce, yet many type of civilization report that the pain is less than they anticipated. If you understand you have actually especially sensitive nipples, you can likewise ask your piercer to use a topical anesthetic spray prior to the procedure.

Can I pierce my level or inverted nipples?

Yes, yet tright here are some things to understand. Though flat and inverted nipples are widespread and also pierceable, you’ll want to consult with your piercer beforehand to view if they have any pertains to. In some cases, your piercer might recommend using a curved needle and also bent barbell on an inverted or level nipple in order to mitigate the push of the jewelry pulling the nipple outside while it heals. They might additionally desire to use a slightly larger gauge needle and jewelry — 10 or 12 gauge instead of 14 — because they’re less likely to move and reason complications in level or inverted nipples.

Do nipple piercings impact sensitivity and sex-related stimulation?

Nipple piercings can increase sensitivity by making the nipple more pronounced, yet it does not make the nipple permanently erect. Rather, the piercing stays clear of the nipple from laying level or retracting into the chest. The major determinants here, however, are mental and aesthetic; if you and also your partner(s) chosen nipple play currently and uncover the look of your nipple piercing erotic, then it’s likely to rise your sex-related stimulation.

Is tright here any kind of distinction in between piercing male and female nipples?

There’s no difference in the piercing procedure, though men mostly have smaller sized nipples than woguys. However, tright here may be some differences in recoexceptionally, as menstruation deserve to exacerbate the discomfort of a brand-new nipple piercing. During menstruation, the body releases estrogen and progesterone, hormones that cause milk glands and also ducts to enhuge. If you normally suffer boosted tenderness and also swelling throughout your period, you deserve to anticipate some added discomfort via a brand-new nipple piercing.

Can I still breastfeed if I pierce my nipples?

Nipple piercings should not interfere through breastfeeding or milk manufacturing, yet to stop infection and complications they need to be completely healed prior to beginning to nurse or returning to nursing. Also be sure to rerelocate any kind of nipple jewelry prior to nursing, both to encertain that the infant can latch properly and also to prevent any type of pain from them biting or pulling your jewelry.

Getting Your Nipple Piercing

As with any body piercing, make sure you find a reliable and also trusted piercer whose shop is clean and welcoming. Online tools like Google and Yelp make finding a trustworthy shop much easier than ever; you can also ask friends with piercings for references. Once you discover a piercer you prefer, erected a consultation to comment on what you’re trying to find. Although complete costs will differ depending upon the style of jewelry you choose, you have to suppose to pay in between $30-$50 per nipple for the piercing itself.

If you aren’t comfortable totally rerelocating the apparel from your top body in the time of the consultation or piercing, let your piercer recognize and also be certain to wear clothes that you have the right to easily pull up, down, or unbutton to accessibility the nipples. Your piercer should honor any researches you make about this and treat you professionally. If they say or execute somepoint that feels unskilled or inappropriate, don’t hesitate to take your organization in other places.

To prepare the nipple for piercing, the piercer will certainly clean the area with alcohol and also make guide marks on either side of the nipple to ensure the piercing is directly and level. They should execute this while you are standing or sitting approximately encertain your nipples are in their natural place. The marks and also the piercing have to be over the areola and also close to the base of the nipple, not close to the pointer of the nipple.

For your first nipple jewelry, your piercer will certainly most likely recommend a long, 14-gauge right barbell. Straight barbells execute not pull as much on brand-new piercings and a longer bar gives the nipple space to swell during the healing process, which is normal. Tbelow are numerous interesting nipple jewelry options, however till your piercing is totally healed, lengthy directly barbells are best.


Nipple Piercing Healing and Aftercare

The average healing time for the majority of nipple piercings is 6-12 months. This is considerably much longer than many other piercings, so make sure you’re fully committed to your aftertreatment regimen before you acquire your nipples pierced. It is normal to suffer some soreness, swelling, or light bleeding for a couple of weeks after you acquire your nipples pierced, but these symptoms have to subside.

Follow these aftertreatment guidelines to make sure your nipple piercing heals too and conveniently as possible.

Avoid wearing apparel that could capture and pull on your jewelry, injuring your piercing and also extending your healing time. Be careful when removing clothing and wear thick cotton shirts or for females, a padded bra to safeguard your piercing while it heals.Get excellent rest, hydration, and also nutrition to permit your body to devote as a lot energy as possible to healing.

Also, be sure to avoid the following:

Unnecessarily managing your piercing or jewelry, or emotional them with unwashed hands.Moving your jewelry to break up dried lymph fluids, or “crusties,” which the body secretes as a organic component of the healing procedure. Instead, use SSS or aftercare spray to sregularly the crusties and then gently wipe them away through a cotton round or facial tworry.Applying balms, creams, cosmetics, or ointments to your piercing while it is healing, as they might trap bacteria and boost the danger of infection.Completely submerging the piercing in water, which have the right to carry bacteria that may bring about infection.Washing your piercing with regular soap, unmuch less your piercer strongly recommends it.Engaging in hand-operated or dental nipple play prior to your piercing is entirely healed, which can increase the hazard of damage and also infection.

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See our complete nipple piercing aftercare short article for even even more thorough indevelopment around healing and taking care of your nipple piercings. When you’re done there, be sure to inspect out our selection of nipple jewelry to attempt when you’re totally healed.