Steel is tough, there’s no doubt around that, and in the civilization of Conan Exiles, own the facet can be helpful in plenty of situations. Wood offers the warrior the jumping begin for their survival until they move onto Iron. Then, the possibilities end up being endless, particularly with choices to evolve Iron right into Steel. But Hardened stole is absolutely the next area come make an excellent use of all those stole bars. Keep analysis to learn exactly how to rally the right resources to create hardened steel for her character.

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How to craft Hardened steel in Conan Exiles


To handmade Hardened steel in Conan Exiles, you’ll require a Furnace, Cauldron, liquid Press, and Tannery. It may seem extreme for one resource, but it’s a lot simpler than that. It’s just a issue of mix some points here and also there, and Hardened stole bars will soon be in her inventory. Assuming one is a an excellent stretch into the game, you need to have all of the crafting stations in ~ the ready.

Firstly, throw your Ironstone into the furnace to produce Iron Bars. Collect those, and the following step will certainly involve Tar and also Brimstone. Brimstone have the right to be discovered at various areas (Shattered Springs, Buccaneer Bay, Gallaman’s Tomb, to name a few). Because that Tar, you can either place Coal right into your liquid Press or procedure Heads and also Hides at the Tannery.

For this following step, gather her Tar and also Brimstone and also mix them into the Cauldron. This will produce Steelfire, which will certainly be fixed together with Iron Bars to create Steel Bars at the Furnace. These bars are plainly important to crafting them right into hardened material. Yet the other vital ingredient is black Ice, which might require more effort for her traveling necessities. Black color Ice deserve to be found at the Frozen Slopes and also the holy place of Frost, and also depending top top its prerequisite standing for you, it might not it is in a mine-and-run effort.

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If you perform so occur to get Black Ice, you’ll be set. Through your steel Bars in the Furnace, toss in your chunks of black color Ice, and also from there you’ll have yourself part bars of Hardened Steel. It’s of a higher quality 보다 its predecessor, and it weighs a small less 보다 the standard Steel Bar. V the right amount that assets, you deserve to craft also the strongest of builds and fortifications.