I usually get effects around an hour after having edibles but my girlfriend takes way longer. Sometimes like 3-4 hours! I hate that we can't really be high at the same time (my girlfriend doesn't want to smoke). Is there any way to change the time it takes for them to hit?

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ELI5 on how to infuse in a drink? We did coconut oil and made brownies (she was fasting so no butter). Sorry for the noob question.


have you tried tinctures?

if you can get one or make one, you should take it “sublingually” and bypass your digestive system?

I'll look that up thanks. Might be hard since I'm in Australia and we're still in the 1950s :(.

i would take an antacid before you eat the edible because your stomach acid won’t absorb the THC as quick

Personally, I’ve noticed eating edibles on a rather empty stomach hits me quicker. If I eat a meal and then eat an edible it takes 2 hours or so to kick in because of all the food I ate beforehand needs to be digested. Maybe try that?

Yep will do. I think we both had a relatively empty stomach last time. But I'll make sure we're starving next time.

Would she consider vaping? My gf was very anti smoking, but she tried my vape and loved it (I had a delicious strain too, that helped)

Crush the brownie up, put it in the microwave for 47 seconds, take it out, get some high percent alcohol, boil it on the stove. Mix the crushed up brownie mix into that, leave it out to dry for a day or so. Once it's dry it should be very hard and crumbly, get a rolling pin out and flatten it all out. Now you'll have something that looks like brown powder now this next step is very important, take this powder place it in a medium sized bowl............ AND SHOVE IT UP YOUR BUTT!


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