Hey EveryoneI have actually a washer dryer in a earlier stairwell the a hundreds year old house. The pipe are right now outside that the wall on the interior. The trouble is the ago stairwell is unheated, and also cold.I plan on insulating them ASAP (who knew winter would come therefore quick?), but am wondering around running 20" of heat tape from the basement to the second floor. From what I deserve to tell PEX pipeline is not "rigid pipe", which most of the warmth tape manufactures mention.. For this reason is it safe through PEX pipe?

Originally posted by MetropolisPt31:I completely read that thread location wrong.I assumed you wuz gonna talk "bout a sex tape!

"Heat tape and also sex pipe" checking in...This might be helpful: http://www.ppfahome.org/pex/faqpex.htmlAnd who asking similar to what you are asking:http://www.terrylove.com/forums/showthread.php?t=15989
You deserve to use warmth tape top top pex, however you must follow the manufactures recommendations. There is no real an excellent way of informing if girlfriend need an ext for your pipes. Many of the moment if your water lines are covered they must be fine.
I don"t know exactly how flexible PEX pipe is, yet it is provided on radiant heaters so it need to not it is in harmed by the warmth tape.I would also suggest self regulating heat tape. Over there is no thermostat-it heats just where it demands to and also keeps everything at around 40 degrees. Since it senses the temperature in ~ every point, the can also be wrapped approximately itself without overheating.
THE THERMOSTAT CONTROLS THE ON and OFF procedure OF THE HEATER and THE warm TAPE.The procedure of the warm tape in totally separate from the water..The just thing come remember when installing a heat tape is to leaving the thermostat exposed come the Ambient wait (outside air)..if the thermostat is wrapped inside the insulation, it will not work because it is snug and also warm therefore it can not tell the warm tape to revolve on and off..

That"s all well and great as long as the warm tape doesn"t brief circuit. I"ve viewed the stuff melt itself. That wouldn"t be so an excellent for your tubing. You could be ok with just insulation. The will depend on how far it is to a cook area as pipes don"t generally freeze if castle are provides regularly and there is a source of warmth within a reasonable distance. The water will just transfer the heat and not freeze. Is this a new setup or has it been there?

I"ve heard of place the pex in a pvc pipe .. Kinda redundancy .. But ... Then placing the warm tape on the pvc.

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Originally posted by Auritania:That"s all well and good as long as the heat tape doesn"t brief circuit. I"ve watched the stuff melt itself. That wouldn"t it is in so good for her tubing. You can be ok with simply insulation. It will depend on how far it is come a boil area together pipes don"t typically freeze if castle are offers regularly and also there is a source of warmth within a reasonable distance. The water will simply transfer the heat and also not freeze. Is this a new setup or has actually it been there?
This is a brand-new setup. We squeezed a washer dryer top top our second floor apartment this spring. The wall where the hookups is one inside wall with the other side being the sexty room in the residence (first air register off of the furnace) 2nd photo shows among 2 exterior walls in the edge of the house. See image: http://farm1.static.flickr.com/145/342757695_684d4a1bdc.jpg?v=0 check out image: http://farm1.static.flickr.com/72/342758795_1fc8d244f7.jpg?v=0 see image: http://farm1.static.flickr.com/150/342759926_ffafbd174d.jpg?v=0

If it was mine? I would let it go and keep one eye on it. There might be enough residual warm to store you well the end of trouble. Ns might consider a tiny electric radiator v the oil in it as a standby. It might be placed into organization by anyone in a moments notice should the setup run right into trouble.

I think ns agree v Auritania here. No experience with warm tape ~ above pex, but my tip is to inspect with the manufacturer top top what lock recommend. Friend could likewise consider setup up part battery activate moisture alarms in strategy locations simply in situation of a worst instance scenario.I"ve been replumbing my summer house with pex and love working it and have been told that it is somewhat an ext resistent to dividing from cold temps then timeless copper. However the residence is totaly unheated and also uninsulated (1840"s brick house) and also I drainpipe the tube every fall.

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Originally posted by Auritania:If it was mine? I would certainly let the go and keep an eye on it. There could be sufficient residual warm to keep you well out of trouble. I might think about a tiny electric radiator through the oil in it as a standby. It could be put into company by anyone in a moments notification should the setup run into trouble.

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