if that is too hard to do, is there a mod that does something similar to making the corpses look dead thing?


I'll help you out since I had this problem recently and the mod author hardly makes it clear.

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Install FCO (fallout character overhaul) NVR 3 uses some of FCO's assets.

keeping FCO installed, uncheck any FCO.esp or .esm in your load order

Install NVR3 overwriting any files it asks, and put it at very bottom of your load order.

make sure to uncheck and re-check archive invalidation in your mod manager. if it's messed up check and double check everything to see if you need compatibility patches.

Next time click on the "posts" tab on the nexus mod and read through the help threads there. That's where I got this exact info when I was having trouble installing NVR3. Happy modding!

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Oh thank you, it seemed to have worked.

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I'm sorry to have asked I looked under posts and didn't find any instructions

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