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izmoRegistered:1436946197Posts: 14Posted 1455815437Reply with quote#1Let"s just say I have been having a pretty bad week, haha. Does anyone have any tips for getting rid of the burning sensation & smell of stomach acid in your nose/sinuses after vomiting? Even though I haven"t vomited in several days, it hasn"t gone away and the smell of it is making me feel sick and nauseous all over again.Hope you all are having a nice, nausea-free day! :-)
wynnakModeratorsRegistered:1350591217Posts: 1,290Posted 1455820249
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I would recommend a peppermint essential oil that you can smell. It is usually potent enough to overcome most smells, and is said to help decrease nausea. The burning sensation.. Is most likely from the acid. It is going up your nose when you vomit. Some people have this issue do the the force of the vomit, or becasue they have had their tonsils and adenoids removed. I would recommend a netty pot, but that would most likely trigger a gag reflex. So, I really wouldn"t try that unless you were certain the episode was done.. Perhaps a saline nasal spray to keep the membranes moist and reduce the acid sitting on them.__________________BlyndaMessage Board ModeratorMonthly Support Call Moderator

izmoRegistered:1436946197Posts: 14
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That makes sense I guess, I did have my tonsils removed when I was really little. But I do have a really bad gag reflex in general, so I"m not 100% sure on the netty pot, but I might still check it out. The peppermint essential oil sounds like a good idea in general, thank you for the tips!

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wynnakModeratorsRegistered:1350591217Posts: 1,290
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Oh, and I almost forgot.. the most important.. Falls more into the dental care aspect of things.. But.. When you finish getting sick.. do you wash your mouth out? That can help too. Sometimes my CVS"r is too weak to. But we encourage rinsing even with Listerine, the original. That way your teeth have some sort of defense against the acid.. not to mention that your not inhaling the acid aromas.. the original Listerine is very strong. Plus brushing the acid on your teeth right after vomiting is said to be bad. So you could try that too. We keep the little bottles from the dentist and hospital stays by his bed so he can rinse and spit into his vomit bucket.__________________BlyndaMessage Board ModeratorMonthly Support Call Moderator