The Forest: The very first Places You must Go (New Player Guide) There room a lot of interesting areas for the player to inspect out in The Forest. This guide shows players what areas they should examine out first.

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The forest Cave
enduring in the human being of The Forest is through no means an simple feat. Players are tasked with maintaining themselves lively after crash landing in an unknown location, and also this proves complicated enough once it concerns finding shelter, water, and also food. Where things come to be even much more problematic is the there space a hold of cannibals and also mutants hiding deep within the forest and caves below biding their time to kidnap and kill the player.

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Defeating and/or avoiding these adversaries becomes one of the main goals in The Forest as the player tries to survive. The best means to aid on this endeavor is because that the player to ensure that they space well stocked and also armed appropriate from the beginning of the game, yet this have the right to take a many work if the player doesn"t know what they space doing. Luckily, there space several areas that the player have the right to visit appropriate at the start of the video game to share up and get a leg up over your enemies. This guide shows players every the locations they must visit very first in The Forest.

The forest Cannibals
One thing that many new players may not realize about The Forest is that as the days go on much more and more deadly adversaries will appear to assault the player. The very first week of in-game time is the the safest time duration that the player will ever before have ~ above the surface level, therefore they should use this come their benefit to get as numerous supplies as feasible from these areas. Once the player has put up a small camp and also crafted a few weapons they will desire to start exploring these areas as thoroughly as possible.

The Area Around aircraft Crash - without a doubt, one of the many resource-rich locations of the video game is the beginning location. Appropriate after the player wakes increase from the aircraft crash lock will discover that everyone"s luggage has actually been spread out around the immediate area. These suitcases have the right to be cracked open in bespeak to collect alcohol, snacks, cloth, duct tape, and other essential resources that the player isn"t maybe to handmade on their own. In the at an early stage moments that the video game snacks and also soda will certainly be really important because that the player to get their hand on together they will avoid the player native starving together they job-related to collection up much more reliable ways to gain food and water. Players will must remember that this area deserve to be very dangerous though, so they shouldn"t invest a the majority of time below unless lock are ready to fight.

Main village - When trying out the surface ar level of the human being players will at some point come across cannibal villages. These camps have actually been collection up through cannibals and typically contain every kinds of various resources and items. The main town is the largest one that has actually been constructed by the cannibals and also players will discover it in the southeast part of the map. In this area, football player will discover suitcases full of things choose cloth, snacks, and also duct tape, yet there are likewise other an excellent items to uncover together well. Players will find rope, fuel cans, dynamite, and flares that are tough to find anywhere else on the surface. This is by far the best location in the game to raid because that resources, however players will should keep one eye the end for any enemies nearby.

The Yacht - This is a good location for numerous reasons. If players desire to finish the game"s story lock will need to examine out the yacht afterwards in the game, however exploring that in the beforehand moments will also grant the player countless kinds of helpful items and resources. The most helpful out of this being several rope and also the cassette player. The cassette player is quite in that it can provide the player a the majority of background information on the things approximately them, however can also help them regenerate your sanity levels as well. This is additionally a an excellent area to collection up a base since it is out in the water away from adversary cannibals.

Cave 2 (and surprise Room) - This is the an initial cave that players will want to explore and also depending on an excellent the player is in combat they may have actually to discover it against their will. This cave has its main entrance in the center of the main village, therefore players will certainly be may be to access it easily. Additionally if the player "dies" top top the surface they will be kidnapped and dragged to this cave as well. Football player will be able to find all kinds of various resources throughout this cave, especially since there are passenger corpses and also suitcases spread throughout the cave. Players that look hard sufficient though will additionally be may be to uncover a concealed room that contains several story-related items, explosives, arrows, and also even the finest axe in the game, the contemporary Axe.

Film Crew Camp - One the the few non-cannibal camps that the player will be able to find in The Forest is this one that as soon as belonged to the film crew for a TV show. Anyone that as soon as camped here has either fled or is deceased (the latter is many likely as result of the quantity of corpses nearby) so the player shouldn"t feel too bad around looting the area for every little thing they deserve to find. A steel pot deserve to be found here, i m sorry is perfect for the player to cook contaminated water or make stews. This is also one that the best locations in the game to farm flares and modern arrows, so the player will desire to inspect this area out whenever possible.

Cave 1 - This cavern is referred to as Dead Cave and also is actually a relatively dangerous area for the player come explore at an early stage in the game. Players should not check out the whole cavern unless they space well-armed, however there is one area the the player can explore that contains couple of enemies, and also grants them access to among the ideal weapons in the game. The main entrance come this cavern is south-east of the substantial sinkhole and once they go into they can immediately go left to avoid encountering enemies and wind up in a room comprise a few corpses. Here the player will find a lot of an excellent resources, meds, and also the Katana.

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Cave 5 - The final cave that players will desire to check out early in the video game is cave 5, the Submerged Cave. The majority of this cave is underwater, however the player will have the ability to acquire the Rebreather below that enables them to breathe underwater for much longer periods that time. Football player will want to gain this item before exploring few of the other caves because many of lock do have underwater sections for the player to explore. Players will find the entrance to this cavern in the southwest portion of the map, so it is relatively easy to check it the end within the first pair of in-game days. There likewise aren"t numerous enemies right here so the player won"t have to worry around coming well-armed.