Medically reviewed by Cynthia Cobb, DNP, APRN, WHNP-BC, FAANP — composed by Kathryn Watson — updated on January 24, 2019

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Full, healthy looking, and also well-defined eyebrows can make a large impression. But sometimes tweezing, waxing, plucking, and other activities meant to improve the way your eyebrows look can leave them patchy and also uneven.

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Cosmetic procedures and also fillers, like Botox, can additionally make brows look much less even. We’ll evaluation some the the causes of patchy or uneven eyebrows. Fine also administer tips on just how to measure your brows and how to make them look much more symmetrical.

Here are some common causes of patchy or uneven eyebrows.


When you groom her eyebrows by waxing, tweezing, and also plucking, it deserve to make lock look uneven. Sometimes, in the procedure of trying to make her brows even, you might keep plucking hair from every side alternatively, and still finish up frustrated with the perfect result.

Hair loss

Frontal fibrosing alopecia is hair loss the affects your scalp and also your eyebrows. This kind of hair lose affects men and women, and also it can make your brows appear patchy.

Botox (Botulinum Toxin)

Underneath your eyebrows room fan-shaped muscles dubbed corrugators and muscles in the forehead, the frontalis. If you’ve been concerned around crow’s feet, lines between your eyebrows, or forehead wrinkles, you might have obtained Botox injections to do those muscle look smoother.

Sometimes, a side impact of these type of injections is that one muscle is an ext impacted by the procedure 보다 the other. This can make her eyebrows look uneven.

just how to measure her brows

To groom your eyebrows so that they’re in the ideal proportion to your face, you’ll should take part measurements. These dimensions will assist you determine where your eyebrows must begin, wherein your organic arch is, and also where her brows should concerned a suggest or end.

Brows have to be aligned, much more or less, v the external bridge of her nose. Girlfriend can discover this edge by holding an eyebrow pencil against the outer edge that the peak of her nose and pointing it straight up. Plucking inward past that allude could make her eyes look farther apart than they are.

To make certain you’re following the natural arch of your brows, look carefully at her brows to shot to find the highest allude where hair is coming in.

Overplucking, waxing, or Botox might make it tough to find your natural arch. If this is the case, use an eyebrow pencil to map the bottom of her eyebrows, then the height of your eyebrows, and see if friend can find there the 2 peaks of these tracings heat up.

Find where your brows should pertained to a suggest by utilizing your eyebrow pencil once again. Place at the end of her nostrils and also tilt the pencil until it renders a 45-degree edge while touching your brow. This marks where the “tail” of your brow have to end.


If your brows watch uneven due to the fact that of overplucking, the finest cure is a small bit that patience. Letting your brows grow ago in have the right to take almost everywhere from 4 weeks to a year, depending on how much of your brow hair has been removed.

You may likewise consider natural gels and creams, prefer gooseberry and also holy basil. These organic salves are thought to do hair grow back thicker and also faster.


Eyebrow hair loss as result of alopecia is a tiny less straightforward. You may need to take into consideration a gel, foam, or dental treatment to prevent the procedure of her hair fall out.

Once you’ve uncovered a treatment that functions for you, you’ll have actually the very same waiting process until your brows space full sufficient to sculpt again.

Cosmetic procedures

Botox may cause your eyebrows to look contempt uneven because that as lengthy as the treatment lasts. The also possible that the “frozen” figure of the muscle will slightly be sure a couple of days or weeks ~ you very first get the injections.

If you unhappy v the outcomes of a cosmetic procedure, speak v the health professional who did the procedure. They may recommend getting an additional injection top top the next of your confront where the eyebrow shows up higher. This may help to relax your muscle and also make the brow line look much more even.

In situations where one eyebrow is noticeably reduced than another, some human being have plastic surgery to exactly the mismatch. This surgery is referred to as a brow lift.

Makeup magic

Makeup, as soon as artfully applied, can offer your brows the illusion the fullness and also make them show up even. One eyebrow pencil can fill in and even the end eyebrows the aren’t totally symmetrical.

If you’re no a large fan of the eyebrow pencil, there room plenty the other products for you come try. Brow powder, pomade, color wands, brow mascara, and highlighter pencils room all basic to find at any kind of cosmetics counter.

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Check the end a pair of YouTube tutorials for guidance on just how to fill in your brows through makeup techniques.