For a boxing details approach to fighting a taller enemy – view this article.

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Fight Tips for Fighting a higher Opponent

Of food you have actually that’s why you’re here…the adhering to are my tips because that boxing or fighting a taller foe and/or a larger opponent.

A classic ‘tall fighter’ will remain at selection and counter you with a jab as you skinny in to shot and leg the distance, there space a variety of ways to respond to this through head movement, do him involved you, utilizing a ‘feeler’ punch to draw his jab-counter then look to acquire inside to box and also fight at your own range…

Summary the Tips for Fighting a higher Guy

DO Take her head ‘off centre-line’ when throwing a jab (move it down & to the side)Head activity is crucial! – study head movement, slipping and also laying backUse the layback & shoulder roll to respond to a jab, then counterUse the Russian Hook – AKA the spreading Punch – with the ignorance downIn orthodox stance, the overhand right has the longest reachDO no over-reach and try and out-reach a taller opponentDo not fight in ‘his range’. Press forwards, or continue to be out of range & attract him inA the majority of tall men are counter-fighter – do NOT follow a respond to fighterAgainst a counter-fighter, usage feints, movement, level changes and also be patientAgainst a counter-fighter, you have the right to counter-his-counter.Throw a feeler jab, block or evade his counter and also strike ago with her ownAgainst a counter-fighter, girlfriend can additionally move forwards, & wait because that him come throw prior to you counter.E.g. Bob & weave until he jabs or is up against the ropes, then litter a punch (or kick, takedown attempt etc)Have a very defensive guard – high hands, tuck chinStudy “the dart” and also “the casting punch” and also the “overhand right” – perfect these and you’ll be an excellent to go!

DO not CHASE A TALLER, COUNTER-FIGHTER (or jump, leap, lunge to bridge the distance)

If friend do move forwards towards a counter-fighter, perform so cautiously and with a really high and tight safety – friend don’t want to go onto a beat or knee

" data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" class="alignnone wp-image-10279" src="" alt="MVP MMA Cyborg" width="274" height="154" />Do no Lunge towards a Counter-Fighter favor MVP


1. Get in the bag & counter-strike

If you room short, or quick for your weight class like me, climate you nice much have to acquire used to taking a jab. Take it on her forehead if you have actually to, but try not to earlier up. Ideally you’ll slip and also counter, or block and counter, or even, together mentioned, take it on her forehead by keeping your chin right down.

You must use head motion when you relocate forwards

Correction – the is feasible to usage the layback to stutter step, and also counter an opponent’s jab by bending the behind leg, leaning back, then driving forwards native the rear leg right into range.

You need to be really tough for this come work, i m sorry unfortunately i am absolutely not. Higher guys have the right to keep safe, at the end of a jab, and also win fights without taking any type of damage at all. It’s not as easy for a shorter fighter, normally speaking you have to be more aggressive and also get stuck in.

If girlfriend continually back up after a jab, you’ll never acquire in your own selection and friend won’t have the ability to counter. If possible you desire to move forward, and just ‘walk through’ your enemies jab.

For example, if you and your companion are both in orthodox view (left foot forwards)you might practice parrying a jab and stepping front (and come the side a bit) through a ideal foot.As outlined in my impressive illustration:

" data-image-caption="" data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" class="wp-image-1546 size-full" src="" alt="Fighting taller foe jab" srcset=" 336w, 150w, 300w" sizes="(max-width: 336px) 100vw, 336px" />Jab regular – Then step forward with ago foot and also jab again

Slip and also Step Forwards – 

Remember, you execute this to counter your opponent’s jab – move your head to the right and also off centre line, then litter your own jab.I prefer to execute a normal jab, then follow up instantly with this “step-through” version.

If countering v a jab doesn’t work, perform the same thing but throw an within leg kick, or former kick instead of a jab.You can also shot Wing Chun ‘elbow destroys’. Rather of parrying her partner’s jab, bring your ideal elbow up, so the allude of her elbow clashes through his fist.

Same goes for his kicks.Step into any type of of your opponent’s ring kicks and also counter with a punch.Sweep away or grab host of a front kick/teep v your hand (keep your other hand up) & counter. You can likewise block a front kick to the human body by lifting her knee up (similar to how you’d block a low thai roundhouse).

Drill slipping a jab and also countering kicks. Drill that lots. I still ‘forget’ to perform it if i don’t practice. It’s instinct to earlier away when someone’s throwing four at you.

It’ll probably provide you brain damage, but I also like to carry out this drill:Boxer 1 is up versus the ropes/cage v hands behind his backBoxer 2 jabs Boxer 1 in the forehead (very lightly) and hooks & the cross him to the body.Boxer 1 has to try and save his eyes open throughout and shot not to flinch away.

Don’t do the mistake of throwing indigenous too much out.See the an initial Ken Shamrock V Tito fight in ~ UFC 40 because that a an excellent example. Ken to be throwing combos in the 2nd round and also was lacking the mark by about half a foot. Ken was then picked turn off by right punches native the longer Tito.Again, exercise parrying a jab through your appropriate hand (tap the wrist of a left jab towards your left shoulder if you was standing in left-lead stance), and slipping your head to the appropriate of the jab.It’s tough to gain your distance. I remember I always used to throw from mile too far out, and lean earlier at the very same time to avoid acquiring punched myself. I supplied to think if I could just about reach v a headbutt or elbow, then I’ll punch, otherwise I’ll simply feint punches or litter a ‘feeler’ jab. This worked for me. Clearly don’t throw a headbutt or elbow uneven you’re fighting a tiger or something.

When you’re much better at regulating distancing, and also moving in and also out, and getting your timing right; then you have the right to play about with holding your ground and countering, and using footwork to move away, pivot etc. Instead of simply holding her ground and also countering every solitary time.Standing her ground and also trading is much more of a timeless Muay Thai style. It does work, yet you may prefer come pick and also choose once to remain in the pocket, and when to relocate out that range. Boxing seems to be an ext about hitting, without gift hit, and as a an outcome has much more footwork, pivoting and head-movement; Thai boxers stand and trade more; or in ~ least, stand and counter-strike.

Skip to 2 mins right into the video. These guys seem to stand and trade, rather than move about and usage head-movement, choose you watch in boxing:

Not sure it’s the best style because that MMA, unless you don’t mind acquiring taken down.

One final great way to get into her own variety is to throw a feeler jab of her own, and also then action under her opponent’s respond to jab or follow through an overhand right.

Lots that tall men will it is in counter-strikers. Goad them out of their protective shell with a a feeler jab the your very own – 1 that’s just an inch or 2 out of range, and also follow up with an overhand ideal or a sidestep come the right, for this reason you have the right to ‘counter his counter’.

See 27 seconds right into the video clip below for an example:

2. Remain out that his (or her) striking zone 

This is where he deserve to reach you, however you can’t with him/her.But don’t try and strike and over-reach native a distance that neither of you can reach each various other from

I would just throw a punch from far out, if it is a jab, and you space trying to create a reaction from the opponent and also draw them into your range.

Rousey likes to jab her means into the clinch. She throws a jab, or a double jab, and often her opponents react by cram back, at which allude she can slip and get the clinch.

See Bruce Lee’s 5 means of assault –single strike attacks, mix attacks, attack by illustration (e.g. Throw a jab, to get your foe to was standing his/her ground and throw back), indirect strike & hand immobilisation attack.

These 5 alternatives should offer you a large enough arsenal and array of approaches and collection ups to protect against you coming to be frustrated and also immobilised through a lengthy jab.

If the guy is stronger and taller, avoid the clinch at all costs. Unless you’ve got a specifically solid Greco/Judo/Thai clinch game.

A good way to obtain into your very own range, is to make him come to you.

Don’t constantly follow him down, instead you deserve to stay well out of his kicking range, and make him move towards you. Keep moving and also throwing feints, once he jabs, step right into the jab, and counter.

Nick Diaz walk a an excellent job of do Anderson involved him. Taller males usually mean you to follow them.

In contrast, here’s Conor McGregor (who winner their first round) walking under Nate Diaz and slipping the best jab, and also countering v a left cross. No hesitation – that’s one of the secrets to this – world get also afraid to open up up and throw the counter


Note the means he mixed this up in the first round though, not continually pressing

Gif Source

3. Bob and weave – Head Movement

Have a look at at part Mike Tyson Videos ~ above youtube. Notice that he has tendency to throw a jab, or simply walk forwards and also then slip, slip climate bob and also weave when he’s in his adversary range. Regularly he’ll bob and weave yes, really low so the a jab can’t have actually any

Notice the he tends to throw a jab, or merely walk forwards and then slip, slip then bob and also weave as soon as he’s in his adversary range. Frequently he’ll bob and also weave really low so the a jab can’t have any type of effect.

Either way, he close the door the distance up against the ropes, and also importantly, he gets his foe to engage and throw strikes before countering through his very own hooks and also uppercuts.This is an ext risky in MMA, together you can finish up eat a knee. But experiment through it; it’s certainly worth watching Tyson in his prime.Ideally you’ll bob and weave till you back your opponent up against the cage or ropes, then you can start your ‘in-fighting’ through hooks and uppercuts.Change your level through squatting, and also moving your head next to side. In boxing friend can acquire away through dropping your level and head so you space ‘below’ the punches. In thai or MMA you can obtain kneed in the head though.I’d tho drill and also practice this for MMA; perhaps use it sparingly though.

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You could look a bit stupid, however you can likewise move forwards – with both hand up and also arms, kind-of crossed. This renders it aer to litter a beat (helps if girlfriend really move your head come one side) however it’s near difficult for the opponent to soil to her head. See 2:21 to around 2:27 to view what ns mean. I’m not sure if this style of guard has an official name:

Moving forward constantly likewise makes that really difficult for a taller man to throw round-house format kicks. But makes front kicks much more effective, and also jumping knee – so be wary.