Need to call Venezuela from USA but don’t have time to number out calling protocol?

Check out our “How to Call Venezuela” guide:

First dial 011 – UNITED STATE leave code.Next dial 58 – Venezuela calling code.Then, the 3-digit location code (view calling code list below).Concluded by the 7-digit phone number.

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Here’s what the U.S. to Venezuela global dialing format looks like:

011 + 58 + XXX + XXX XXXX

Need even more help via How to Call Venezuela?

Here’s a list of some significant location and city calling codes:

Valencia241, 245
Ciudad Guayana286
Ciudad Bolivar285

What’s the BEST PLAN to contact Venezuela from the U.S.?

Latin America 100 gives you:

All of Vonage World’s benefits (consisting of unlimited¹ cost-free calls to Venezuela landlines)100 contained minutes to landlines and also mobiles of choose Latin American countries not covered by Vonage World (favor Venezuela mobiles)After those initial 100 minutes are offered, great low prices to nations had in plan.

So which countries are in the plan?Who made the cut?

Take a peek at the Latin America 100* plan to check out if your nation is included, and also call 1-800-583-5421 to acquire Vonage World Plus Latin America 100 today!

OK, Latin America 100 is a bargain.

Any other advice?

Just once you thought it couldn’t gain any much better, or even more affordable, with Vonage, we outexecute ourselves.Or is it outdial? Anymeans, once you (or your family) in Venezuela authorize up for Vonage, we’ll ship them a Vonage Box™, through UPS, with a U.S. number. What does it all mean? This provides them the possibility to make unlimited¹ worldwide calls to the USA from both landlines and mobiles. The shipped Vonage Box™ will certainly have actually a U.S. location code, permitting you to dial your cousins in for the price of a local call – saving everyone money! It’s an awesome way to contact Venezuela free!

I simply gained a new smartphone. Got any apps I need to know about?

*Plan unavailable digital.

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¹Unlimited calling and also various other solutions for all residential plans are based upon normal residential, personal, non-commercial use. A combicountry of components is provided to determine abnormal use, including yet not limited to: the variety of distinct numbers referred to as, calls forwarded, minutes provided and also various other factors. Subject to our Reasonable Use Policy and also Terms of Service.