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Placed the saucepan onto a heat resource till the water starts to boil. Rerelocate the pan from the warm resource and leave the sticks in the water to cool.

Rerelocate a stick from the water. Working carefully, start gently bending the stick into a circular shape. At this phase, you are simply flexing the timber.

Work with one stick at a time, leaving the staying sticks spanned in water. This will prevent them from drying out before you have time to work-related on them.

Take a glass, mug, or another receptacle which is the correct size. Caretotally push the popsicle stick inside. You may should exert push to acquire the stick into the glass. Leave to one side for the popsicle stick to dry.

Due to the fact that the stick will certainly take the shape of the glass or mug, consider what you want the final form to be when you choose your shaping receptacle.


Allow the stick to dry in place in the glass. This will certainly permit it to retain its curved form because it allows the wood grains to "set" into their brand-new curved position. Once dry, it have the right to be rerelocated from the glass.

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You can then decoprice the new curved wood shape in a selection of methods, including stamping, paint, or wrapping through fabric to produce an attractive bracelet, bangle, or napkin ring.