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Mastering the shuriken and also sword will turn any type of player right into a major threat. Below are some tips and also strategies for playing Genji favor a ninja.

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Genji is v you

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Cyber-Agility is a core piece of Genji’s kit. Together a passive, it’s constantly on. He deserve to climb walls and dual jump on command. Reaching locations that other heroes can’t, Genji has mobility the sets the apart from many other DPS characters. Speed enables Genji to run in and also out the battle—he’s difficult to hit once moving—to gain a positioning advantage. Get an imaginative with philosophies using Genji. Record your enemies by surprised by flanking indigenous a monster angle and dashing away before you can gain caught.

Like cutting with silk

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Genji has actually three different damages dealers: Shuriken (right-click), pan of blades (left-click), and also his sword. You’ll do many of your damage with Genji making use of his shurikens. The main fire sends out out three shurikens, one straight after the other. Every projectile go 28 damage. Pan of blades does the same damage, yet the shurikens have actually a more comprehensive spread. The right-click is typically an ext accurate at long range, while pan of knives is quite to have actually when you’re in one enemy’s face.

The sword is provided in 3 ways—with Deflect, Swift Strike, and Dragon Blade. Deflect, as you could imagine, deflects enemy shots and sends them back at the opposite team. He can only deflect from the front, so be wary of enemies coming from behind. Time is crucial when utilizing Genji’s Deflect. Say an adversary McCree is around to flash Bang Genji and also take that out. The Flash Bang have the right to be deflected earlier at McCree and also will actually shock him, allowing you to land a vital headshot and also make critical pick.

Swift to win (left shift) is another sword move. Another means to be highly mobile with Genji, Swift Strike also does 50 damages to any type of enemy that it connects v while dashing 15 meters forward. It is in smart v Swift Strike, though. Usage it in instances where you’ll be powerful and mobile. It’s obtained an eight-second cooldown, however the cooldown resets through an adversary kill. If you can acquire in and also make the kill, you’ll be able to Swift win out and do damage to others together you leave.

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The dragon i do not care me

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Dragon Blade, Genji’s ultimate, is a game-changer—and the last means to usage Genji’s sword. Swinging his knife wildly, Genji does 120 damage with each hit, moving five meters with each swing. That can quickly take the end squishy heroes in quick succession, but he loser his capability to perform ranged damage. It’s finest to use Dragon blade while in a close-quarters teamfight. Mental to use Deflect and Swift Strike when Dragon tongue is active to acquire the many out of the ultimate.