If you’re planning ~ above transforming your appearance, yes no better way to do it than bleaching her hair. It’s a great way come reinvent her look. Besides, the is fun, and also everyone deserves a readjust once in a while. 

If you’ve chose to bleach your tresses, climate that’s great. However you’re most likely wondering just how much does it price to bleach her hair? and also the price is: the depends.

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It counts on even if it is you’re gaining your hair bleaching at the salon or in ~ home. It additionally depends ~ above the length, color, and thickness of her hair. In general, you deserve to expect come pay anywhere from $40 come $200. 

AdvertisementsIn this article, we’re gonna assist you discover out exactly how lot you’ll need to spend to gain your hair bleached. Stop jump right in. 

How lot Does it price To Bleach Hair at the Salon?

If you decided to walk to a professional for help, you’ll probably finish up safety $150 come $200. However trust us once we speak it’ll be worth it. You’ll leaving the salon through the color you wanted, and there i will not ~ be any type of unnecessary hair damage due to the fact that professionals recognize what lock doing.

The expense obviously counts on the length and also color of her hair. However it can likewise depend on the ar you’re in and the level of field of expertise your colorist has. 

Pros that bleaching hair in ~ the salon:

You’re more likely to obtain the wanted results. They usage high-quality bleach products.No splotchy spots. Less hair damage. You can likewise get a post-bleach therapy that deserve to prevent damage. 


It is expensive.You may have to wait a long time for your appointment. 

How much Does it price to Bleach your Hair at Home?


AdvertisementsOkay, for this reason you’ll most likely save a lot of money if you made decision to take the DIY route. That being said, you deserve to still mean to pay somewhere about $40 to acquire the task done. This includes the price of toning as well. 

There space so plenty of at-home hair bleaches obtainable on the market. You have the right to buy lock from digital retailers such as Amazon, Sephora, Ulta, etc. Or you can head to your regional drugstore and buy an at-home bleaching kit from there.

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If you going come bleach hair at home, make sure to invest in high quality bleaching products since the last point you desire is hair damage from poor-quality products. 

AdvertisementsYou can gain a decent top quality product for much less than $10. The price that bleach packs ranges from $5 to $30 relying on the size and the quality of the product. 

You can likewise invest in bleaching kit as well. This kits encompass everything girlfriend need, native bleach flour to developer, gloves, mixing tub, brush, and everything in between. 

Take note that if you just buy bleach powder, you’re also gonna have to buy a developer and also toner together well. Developers come in different strengths. 10 volume developer includes 3% hydrogen peroxide, 20 volume developer consists of 6 percent hydrogen peroxide, 30 volume developer consists of 9% hydrogen peroxide, and so on. 

AdvertisementsDevelopers with a higher percentage the hydrogen peroxide are an ext damaging to your strands. Yet if you have actually dark brown or black color hair, you’re gonna need to use volume 40 developer. 

Looking for the finest bleach because that dark hair? we recommend Clairol skilled Professional BW2 Lightener. It’s do to be extra-strength, so it deserve to lighten even the darkest strands. Plus, the doesn’t cause unnecessary damage. You have the right to buy the from Amazon here. 

Pros of Bleaching Hair at Home:

It’s so much cheaper.You don’t have to wait because that appointments. 


You’ll be playing through harmful chemicals. If not handled correctly, girlfriend may finish up damaging her strands. Bleach has actually a high pH value. If left on the scalp for as well long, you’ll obtain a scalp burn. It can acquire messy. 

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How much Does it cost to keep Blonde Hair?

If you’ve ever gone blonde indigenous brunette before, you recognize the upkeep can be intense. You currently know how much it costs to get your hair bleached. Yet you’ll also have to spend somewhere about $200 for maintenance every 6 weeks. Of course, this price varies from salon to salon. 

Plus, there space some other expenses as well. Because that example, friend would want a color-safe shampoo and also conditioner as well if you want the results to last longer.

To neutralize the color and also prevent your tresses from turning orange or brassy, you gonna require a violet shampoo as well. Us recommend Matrix total Results shade Depositing violet Shampoo. You can buy it on Amazon here. 

And as you know, bleaching have the right to be fairly damaging to her hair. So, it would be a quite idea come invest in a protein hair mask. Then, friend would additionally want a warmth protectant spray. 

AdvertisementsAll this costs add up, and also you end up spending a most money do the efforts to store your blonde hair ~ above fleek. 


Bleaching deserve to be expensive, yet it’s worth it. If you planning on going blonde or looking come experiment through crazy colors, girlfriend should entirely go because that it. The will bring happiness and also satisfaction prefer nothing else. 

So, when are you gaining your hair bleached? let us recognize in the comments below.