You more than likely want to obtain the many out the the oranges you put in the juicer. Occasionally a couple of castle will gain you a complete 8-ounce cup, yet other times you might need an ext than a few to get the very same result. There room several factors which could explain this discrepancy.

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However, some straightforward guidelines may help you gain a cup of 100% essential orange juice. 

This short article outlines few of the finest practices and also advice come follow once juicing oranges. Also, we will try to explain how numerous oranges to use for 1 cup that juice in stimulate to productivity the many nutrients.

Different types of Oranges

Oranges more than likely originated from southerly China, southeastern Asia or northeastern India. But, lock aren’t known in your wild state. Italian traders carried them to the Mediterranean in the 15th century. Afterward, they spread to Latin America in the 16th century.

Oranges reached main America about the exact same period, and by so late 19th century orange groves had actually spread transparent the continent. Now, the US is one of the leader in orange manufacturing with an estimated 5.16 million loads for 2017. Florida and California space the biggest orange producer in America.


The types of oranges get an impression in Florida are Hamlin, Valencia, Pineapple, Washington, and more. California grows Washington Navel and also Valencia, simply to name two famous types. The stress, overload of orange you select may affect how many oranges you need to use to obtain 1 cup the juice. Therefore let’s take a look at at this 4 different strains:

1. Hamlin

Hamlin oranges concerned Florida in 1879. They were named after A.C. Hamlin who uncovered them in a grove. This strain is seedless and really tolerant come cold temperatures, i beg your pardon is why they room so well-known in Florida.

The fruit is as much as 3 inch in diameter. And the skin is poorly colored, thin and smooth. You might not be satisfied v the shade of Hamlin juice. Usually, human being combine this selection with other species of oranges.

2. Valencia

This is one of the most famous sweet oranges in the world. It is commonly consumed new or processed right into juice. Valencia is harvest from March come June, however they are not very resilient to cold temperatures.

The fruit is approximately 3 customs in diameter, the peel is thin, and also may remain environment-friendly if the nights space cool. Usually, Valencia is seedless and really juicy. If you placed Valencia right into your juicer you might be surprised how couple of of them are essential for 1 cup.

3. Pineapple

This form of orange was dubbed Pineapple because of that is fragrance. Pineapple is a strain of amazing quality and color. They are harvested indigenous December come February.

The fruit is somewhat level at the ends, additionally up come 3 customs in diameter. The color is generally red-orange and also the skin is a little bit thicker than Hamlin. However, Pineapple is a very seedy form of oranges, so girlfriend are much more likely to discover it in the form of juice, quite than fruit.

4. Washington Navel

Commonly recognized as navel oranges, this is the second most produced selection of oranges in the world. Castle originate native California, wherein they to be imported in the so late 19th century. This strain grows in the subtropical climate and quality fruits can also be uncovered in southerly Florida.

This kind of oranges is generally a bit bigger, much more than 3 inches in diameter. Washington Navel is yellowish-orange and also the peel is pebbled. The is very easy to peel this orange. Some civilization prefer no to juice it since it’s a bit bitter. But, if you nothing mind the bitterness, simply one of these oranges may acquire you a complete cup that juice.


Juicing vs. Blending

The means you process oranges may affect the quantity of juice girlfriend get. Over there are continuous debates about the benefits of juicing versus blending. One means or another, both processes extract healthy and balanced nutrients from oranges; it’s just the lot of juice that may vary.

Juicers different the liquid from the pulp. As soon as you usage a juicer, typically you get concentrated liquid. This juice is thin and contains a variety of nutrients that are useful for your health. If you need a low-fiber drink, juicing may be a better option because that you. However, juicing typically requires more oranges.

On the other hand, every little thing you placed in the blender will end up in the juice. The lot of fluid you can gain from mix is usually lot greater contrasted to juicing. Blending maintain orange fibers and also the juice is much thicker. You might not favor the thickness of combined orange juice at first, however it may be useful for her digestion.

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The last Drop

According to the Virginia tech Department the Horticulture, one orange should gain you ⅓ cup of juice. Utilizing this together a ballpark, you would need approximately 2 come 3 oranges because that one cup the juice.