Determining A can of Formula’s ready Capacity

How long a can of baby formula lasts counts on how big the tub is, the age of her baby, and also the dimension of the party you space making. Top top average, a solitary 12.5 ounce have the right to of formula lasts for three days no matter the period of your baby or the size of the party you space making.

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Knowing how long does a can of formula last helps you estimate how numerous bottles the powder infant formula preparation room possible. Source:
Wondering how plenty of tubs that formula you have to buy for her baby?

Not sure just how much this tubs will cost due to the fact that you don’t know the answer come how lengthy does 1 have the right to of formula last?

Worried you might run the end of formula in the center of the night?

Running the end of formula throughout the work or night is a real fear, many new and proficient parents have. Stocking increase on formula is the best method to avoid that native happening, yet sometimes money is one issue.

That is why, knowing the answer to how lengthy does a can of baby formula last help you plan.

How long Does a Container of infant Formula Last?

New parents can be overwhelmed with every one of the different types and baby formula brands. Most significant brands choose Enfamil, Similac and Gerber make a liquid formula in enhancement to the powder formula.

The liquid formula comes in concentrated or ready to feed forms. That is measured in fluid ounces, for this reason determining exactly how much you need is right forward.

The powder cans of formula are measured in ounces as well, yet it is in dried ounces, so it’s excellent by weight. Here, once we talk around how lengthy does a have the right to of formula last, we are referring to typical powder infant formula, not liquid or dedicated powder infant formulas.

You can determine exactly how long a deserve to of formula critical by calculating the liquid ounces one can makes utilizing the dry ounces declared on the can. Source:

How plenty of Cans the Formula per Month?

How numerous cans of formula a month her baby demands vary based on the size of the can you room purchasing. Traditional sizing that formula cans has 12.5 ounces, 30 ounces and also 35 ounces.

If friend opt because that the smallest cans, which typically weigh 12.5 ounces, castle last around 3 work on average for a baby. For a one-month supply, you are looking in ~ 10 to 15 cans a month.

A 30-ounce bathtub of powdered infant formula lasts between 8 come 11 days for a newborn, 5 come 8 days for infants in between 2 come 4 months, and 5 days for toddlers 6 months and also older. You will need about four can be ~ a month because that newborns, and for babies 2 months and up, girlfriend will require six cans.

For the mass size cans of formula, which generally weigh 35 ounces, newborns need around four cans for whole month’s supply; for babies 2 come 4 months and older babies, you typically need 4 to 5 can be ~ a month.

This table summarizes the term a common can of powder formula will last:

Standard have the right to Size

Number of days a container the formula have the right to last

Newborn (0 come 2 months)

2 come 4 month old

12.5 ounces

3 – 4 days

2 – 3 days

2 – 3 days

30 ounces

8 – 11 days

5 – 8 days

5 – 6 days

35 ounces

9 – 12 days

6 – 9 days

5 – 7 days

Calculating liquid Ounces for A Formula Can

While powder formula is in a solid form, your baby needs to digest that in fluid form. Once talking around powder formula estimation, us estimate based on fluid ounces, due to the fact that when measuring water or something liquid, fluid ounces is used instead of dried ounces.

To number out how countless fluid ounces each can of powdered baby formula makes, this calculation below proves to be helpful:

<(dry ounces of powder formula) x 2> / 2= total fluid ounces in one have the right to

The nice thing around measuring in liquid ounces is that you space making much more liquid formula when you mix the powder with water 보다 what you calculate, which method your can could last a small bit much longer on average. Because that example, a 6-ounce baby bottle tends to it is in closer come 7-ounces.

To assist you visualize the estimation, here’s a basic table of typical formula brands and also the full fluid ounces a container have the right to make based upon the calculation formula as pointed out earlier:

Standard deserve to size

Enfamil Enspire infant Powder

Enfamil NeuroPro Powder

Similac Pro-Advance Powder

Gerber great Start GentlePro

Average generic Formula Brand

Small can (12.5 ounces)

83 fl oz.


83 fl oz.


83 fl oz.

Large deserve to (20 -22 ounces)

141 fl oz.

138 fl oz.

155 fl oz.

133 fl oz.

143 fl oz.

Bulk cans (30 – 36 ounces)

202 fl oz.

209 fl oz.

240 fl oz.


221 fl oz.

Note the the above is just a guideline. Each brand that powder baby formula renders a various amount the formula for your baby. Every powder formula containers come with a scoop you use to measure up the powdered formula.

Generally, this scoop measures out 0.3 ounces that powder. The normal procedure is that you mix one scoop of powder through 2 ounces of water.

How numerous Bottles walk a deserve to of Formula Make?

Once you recognize how many fluid ounces a can of powdered baby formula makes, friend can figure out just exactly how long that have the right to will last by figuring the end how numerous bottles friend can acquire from each can.

You will notification that the older her baby gets, the more they will eat in ~ once. Top top average, newborns drink in between 1 come 3 ounces every 3 to 4 hours, infants 2 come 4 month old consume 4 to 6 ounces every 4 to 5 hours, and babies 6 months and older drink 6 to 8 ounces every 4 to 6 hours.

Check this video to know how to do baby formula and also storing it properly after mixing:

Estimating number of Bottles every Can

When looking at exactly how much and how regularly babies drink formula, you can estimate how many bottles per day. Newborns median 6 to 8 small bottles every day, babies drink 4 to 6 medium-sized ones, and also older babies consume 4 come 5 full-sized bottles each day, in addition to hard foods.

Container Size

Number of 3-ounce Bottles

Number the 4-ounce Bottles

Number that 6-ounce Bottles

Number that 8-ounce Bottles

12.5-ounce can

27 bottles

20 bottles

13 bottles

10 bottles

20-ounce can

47 bottles

35 bottles

23 Bottles

17 bottles

30-ounce can

66 bottles

50 bottles

33 bottles

25 bottles

35-ounce can

77 bottles

58 bottles

38 bottles

29 bottles

How long Does flour Formula Last as soon as Open?

Once you open up the powder infant formula container, you can want to know how long go powder infant formula last. As soon as the container of infant formula has actually been opened, that will store for as much as one month. As soon as you start mixing the powder baby formula with water to do bottles, things change.

You must keep monitor of your baby formula’s expiry when opened.

How long Does ready Formula last at Room Temperature?

Once the baby formula flour is blended with water, the will save for a preferably of 2 hrs as long as the infant doesn’t drink any type of of it, and also you don’t warmth it up. Always consult the ago of the tub for an ext detailed information, as some brands recommend 1 hour.

How lengthy is a Formula Bottle good for in the Refrigerator?

If girlfriend mix the baby formula front of time and also keep the in the fridge, it will last 24 hrs as lengthy as it stays untouched. For example, if you mix a large batch that formula and also pour it into bottles as needed. The refrigerator temperature should be 40°F or reduced for ideal storage conditions.

Can i Safely save Partially provided Bottles?

Never store or save partially provided bottles because that babies to drink later. If a baby drink from the bottle however doesn’t finish it, you can hang on to it for as much as 1 hour if kept at room temperature. The trouble with partially consumed bottles is bacteria, i beg your pardon starts farming as quickly as the baby takes their first drink.

Bacteria is additionally a difficulty with heated bottles. Once a bottle has actually been cook up, usage it in ~ an hour. Noþeles left after ~ the hour is up must be discarded right away. This uses even if you heat the party up, and also your baby doesn’t drink native it.


Knowing how lengthy does infant formula last help you plan ahead to ensure friend don’t operation out the formula for her baby. As soon as it involves answering formula lasts exactly how long, the answer depends on the size of the container, the age of her baby, and also how plenty of ounces they room drinking.

Typically, parents walk through around 4 to 5 that the 35-ounce or bulk size cans of formula. The great news is, once left unopened, these big tubs that powdered formula critical for number of months.

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Hope this short article helps girlfriend understand exactly how long does 1 can of formula last through our infant formula estimation as soon as parenting her babies!

If girlfriend have any type of comments, questions, or concerns around how lengthy does formula last, you re welcome feel free to add to this conversation by leaving a comment below.