Does tonic water go bad or not? how do friend tell if tonic water has actually gone bad and also how have to you keep tonic water? below are all the answers.

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Tonic water doesn’t in reality go bad and becomes unsafe come drink. Instead, it will lose its top quality over time.

Look the end for any contaminants that might have entered the bottle. If so, eliminate it. If you an alert a change in odor or any kind of discolorations in her tonic water, it’s ideal to discard it. Lastly, friend should provide your tonic water a taste. If she satisfied, host onto it. If not, you deserve to throw it out for high quality purposes.

Storing Tonic Water


To save it in ~ its finest quality, store your tonic water in the fridge or pantry. As long as your tonic water is in a dry environment away indigenous sunlight and also sources that heat.

Once you open up your party of tonic water, the fridge is the ideal place to save it. Make certain it is tightly sealed.

If you setup on making use of your tonic water immediately, refrigerating it no necessary. However, if you’d favor to save it for a couple of more days, the fridge is the means to go.

How lengthy Does Tonic Water Last?


Tonic water comes with a best-by day on the label however it will remain fresher for longer than the day provided. If the tonic water is unopened it can last around 1 year past the best-by date, even if it is it’s kept in the pantry or fridge.

However, as shortly as you open your tonic water, that will begin to lose its quality and bubbliness faster. In ~ room temperature, it will be good for 1-2 days. In the fridge, it retains its freshness for 3-5 days.

After a couple of days of being exposed to air, that will lose its carbonation. Tonic water will still be safe to consume yet it will be flat and also watery. You may decide come toss it out for quality reasons.

What provides Tonic Water?


Tonic water is carbonated water infused v quinine. Quinine comes from the bark of the cinchona tree, usually found in south America. This is what gives the tonic water its bitterness taste.

The decision On Tonic Water

The very first patent for tonic water to be awarded come Erasmus link in 1858. Tonic water still stays a popular drink today.

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In order to ensure the best quality the end of her tonic water, make sure it is stored properly and sealed tightly. Tonic water might not become unsafe come drink; however, that may lose the taste and bubbliness the you’re feather for. If the happens, obtaining rid that it for quality functions is a an excellent idea. Overall, enjoy your tonic water quickly to retain its freshness.