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It can be tempting to only spend a lengthy weekend in Chicago, hitting significant attractions and jam-packing your schedule v activities. Yet for visitors with a couple of more days come spare, there’s so much to do and also see in Chicago. Expand your visit and really obtain to know one of the U.S.’s most interesting, diverse, and also exciting cities. And also once you’ve covered all of the best places come visit in Chicago, be certain to check out the finest non-touristy points to perform in Chicago, too!

Downtown Chicago: 1 day


Locals call downtown the “Loop,” and it is house to some of the city’s key attractions, such together Buckingham Fountain, the Bean, the iconic Chicago Theatre, and the art Institute of Chicago (not to mention HI Chicago hostel). You will do it probably additionally want to head over to the Willis Tower because that a check out of the entire city at sunset native the 103rd floor!

Museum Campus in southern Loop: 1 day


Just southern of downtown is the south Loop neighborhood, i beg your pardon is home to several of the finest museums in Chicago, including the Shedd Aquarium, the Adler Planetarium, and also the field Museum. Try exploring this area via bike and you’ll have the ability to enjoy the parks that surround the museums together well.

Lincoln Park neighborhood: 1 day


Lincoln Park is located on the near north side of Chicago and can be easily accessed via bus, ride share, or train. This neighborhood is one of the earliest in the city and also offers a nice comparison to the concrete tropical of downtown or south Loop. You can find tree-lined streets and also beautiful houses as you shop approximately Armitage Avenue, come face-to-face with animals at the Lincoln Park Zoo (which has complimentary admission), and also even record a baseball video game at the iconic Wrigley Field.

Hyde Park neighborhood: 1 day


Located on the far south side of Chicago, Hyde Park is among the city’s most famed historically black neighborhoods. It has incredible architecture, beautiful historical homes, and a colorful local culture. While you’re in the neighborhood, take of tour of the college of Chicago campus or learn some funny facts at the famed Science and also Industry Museum. You’ll additionally find too many of in your ar owned shops and also restaurants here, so assistance the local economic climate with a enjoy the meal or purchase spree! This ar is additionally the future home of the Barack Obama presidential library – a good reason to come earlier and visit again in a couple of years.

Magnificent Mile shopping: half day

Chicago’s most renowned shopping district, the Mag Mile homes hundreds of shops and also several malls where you can uncover just around anything you need or want to buy. You’re likely to capture some art right here as well: this section of north Michigan Ave. Hosts rotating installations transparent the year.

West Loop neighborhood: fifty percent day


West Loop is the sort of area wherein you walk to suffer the trendiest places in the city. The step in West Loop is best experienced at night when all the restaurants and also bars, and their patios, space open. Randolph Street is the love of the activity, but don’t miss out on your possibility to poke down several of the side roads too, where you can discover hidden gems including tucked-away street art, speakeasy bars through fewer than 20 seats, and also bespoke boutiques.

Wicker Park neighborhood: fifty percent day


Wicker Park is the perfect ar for a be sure afternoon hike around, because it uses a little bit the everything. You can uncover delicious spots for a bite to eat, such as huge Star Taco or Jeni’s Splendid ice cream Cream, shop for vintage prizes at the Vintage Underground, or watch for famous murals along the neighborhood’s streets.

Logan Square neighborhood: half day


Historically house to huge Mexican and also Puerto Rican populations, this day Logan Square is just one of the fastest-changing areas in Chicago, yet it’s tho holding true come its roots. It has lately watched an explode of freshman bringing several of the best brand-new restaurant and also bar openings in the city, particularly of the Latin variety (think exceptional street tacos and also mezcal cocktails). Head come the Logan Square blue line protect against on the together train and also make your method south along Milwaukee avenue to uncover some that the finest spots.

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