Based on this question over in RPG, I"m trying to figure out just how long it took to build a sword in the Medieval/Renaissance smith to make swords. I am recalling a figure of about 9-12 months per sword, some other references suggest that Katanas would be made quicker. My google-fu is bringing up tons on the individual measures "hammer till it"s the best shape", "grind until sharp", etc. however no actual approximates of how long these procedures individually take or just how long the totality procedure is.

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Wikipedia"s web page on Japanese swordsmithing gives some information on the moment frames involved in the manufacture of excellent quality blades:

The forging of a Japanese blade typically took many days or weeks, and also was taken into consideration a spiritual art, traditionally accompanied by a large panoply of Shright into spiritual rituals. As with many complex endeavors, rather than a solitary craftsguy, numerous artists were involved. Tright here was a smith to create the unstable shape, often a second smith (apprentice) to fold the metal, a specialist polisher, and also even a specialist for the edge itself. Often, there were sheath, hilt, and also tsuba professionals as well.

The web page likewise conhas a tendency that the manufacturing of steel from iron would certainly take 4 or five employees at least a week. It also goes on to point out that, depending upon the top quality of the sword, the polisher can take weeks to acquire points done simply right:

When the stormy blade is completed, the swordsmith turns the blade over to a polisher referred to as a togishi, whose project it is to refine the shape of a blade and also enhance its aesthetic value. The entire procedure takes substantial time, in some cases conveniently approximately a number of weeks. Early polishers offered three kinds of rock, whereas a modern-day polisher mostly uses salso. The contemporary high level of polish was not typically done before around 1600, because greater emphasis was inserted on feature over form.

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Assuming that the steel is already easily accessible, I think that it might be safe to extrapolate that a cheap yet useful Japanese sword could have actually been made in a few days, a great sword in a couple of weeks or more, and also an excellent sword in a month or more.