Bones come Peaches is a spell that transforms all skeleton in your inventory in peaches. The assignment will job-related on any type of bone increase to and including huge bones, if ignoring any kind of other bones. It will not work on any type of bone the gives an ext experience than big bones or any other form of remains, such together ashes. Peaches are a basic food that heals 8 hitpoints, do this a viable method of gaining food once training top top monsters that drop bones and also don" require a much more potent resource of healing.

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In order come unlock this spell, girlfriend must finish a collection of mini-games in the Mage training Arena and acquire a particular amount the points native each.

200 Telekinetic pizazz points300 Alchemist pizazz points2,000 enchantment pizazz points200 Graveyard pizazz points

Bones to Peaches may also be cast by using a Bones to peaches tablet, which permits any player to actors the spell even if the hasn" been unlocked. A weaker alternate to this spell which is accessible to any kind of player is Bones to Bananas.

A Magic level of 60 is required to cast this spell, providing 35.5 experience. It calls for 2 Nature runes, 4 planet runes, and 4 Water runes come cast.

Members?: correct
Experience: 35.50
Spellbook: conventional
Type: Skilling
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