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The results of your Brazilian butt lift are semi-long-term. Due to the fact that your fat cells readjust over time, it’s impossible for your procedure to supply a truly permanent outcome. However before, you can realistically intend to preserve 60-70% of the fat moved right into your buttocks for many years as soon as you take the proper steps to preserve your outcomes. Often, Brazilian butt lift outcomes can perhaps last for years without the require for a follow-up treatment.

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In recent years, the Brazilian butt lift has actually skilled a tremendous surge in popularity. Over 24,000 human being had this procedure perdeveloped in 2018, representing a 19% increase from the previous year. One of the major reasons this has end up being the preferred buttock augmentation choice is due to the usage of your very own fat, providing a truly herbal augmentation technique.

How is the Brazilian Butt Lift Performed?

The Brazilian butt lift utilizes a fat deliver procedure to improve the dimension and form of your buttocks. Liposuction is performed to harvest fat from a donor region such as the abdomen, back or thighs. This fat is purified before being strategically injected into your buttocks at differing areas and depths in order to attain your wanted outcome.

In addition to enhancing the appearance of your buttocks, the procedure delivers second body contouring benefits to the donor area. Dr. Chiaramonte can usage the liposuction procedure to help you accomplish a more contoured, well balanced, and attractive number.

Not All of the Fat will certainly Be Retained

Throughout the first few weeks after your procedure, you will certainly shed about 30-40% of the volume included in the time of the fat deliver procedure. This is organic, and Dr. Chiaramonte is able to plan for this by overfilling the buttocks throughout your fat carry. This will certainly enable you to accomplish your desired outcome also though the whole amount of fat isn’t preserved.

While it is normal to just retain 60-70% of the fat moved in the time of your Brazilian butt lift, it’s important that you take the proper steps throughout the initial recovery period to ensure you retain as a lot of this fat as feasible. After surgical treatment, you will certainly need to stop sitting directly on your butt for 2-3 weeks. This will certainly enable the fat cells to settle properly, ensuring you retain as a lot of this fat as possible. To mitigate push on your butt, we recommend that you sit on a special air cushion in the time of this initial recoincredibly period. You need to additionally sleep on your side or stomach instead of your earlier for a number of weeks.

What Steps Can I Take to Maximize My Brazilian Butt Lift Results?

In enhancement to preventing sitting on your butt, you have to take the complying with procedures after surgical procedure to maximize the duration of your Brazilian butt lift results:

Wear the proper clothing – Make certain you wear the compression garment offered by Dr. Chiaramonte in order to facilitate the healing process. You’ll also need to protect against wearing tight or restrictive apparel during the initially few weeks of recoincredibly given that these clothes deserve to damages the fat cells transferred into your buttocks. Watch your diet – You’ll must eat foods that provide your body through the nutrients vital to heal. Foods that are good to eat throughout the recoexceptionally duration include avocados, walnuts, salmon, grass-fed butter, coconut oil and also added virgin olive oil. Don’t smoke – Smoking have the right to hinder a appropriate blood supply to the recently moved fat cells, which have the right to reduce the likelihood that they will certainly endure the procedure. In enhancement, smoking impedes your body’s capability to heal, which can increase the risk of complications and potentially have actually a negative impact on your last results. Wait to resume exercise till Dr. Chiaramonte determines it is safe – In general, it will certainly take around 6-8 weeks for your body to completely heal. You’ll need to prevent strenuous exercise in the time of this time. Once Dr. Chiaramonte gets rid of you for exercise, we recommend that you progressively ramp up your initiatives as your body feels all set to handle this boosted level of physical exertion. Maintain a secure weight – Fluctuations in weight after a Brazilian butt lift have the right to negatively impact your results. Losing a far-reaching amount of weight deserve to cause a reduction in the size of the fat cells moved to your buttocks. Excessive weight obtain have the right to result in the build-up of fat in undesirable areas of your body, which may cause your freshly contoured number to become unbalanced. To avoid these issues, we recommfinish that you reach your target weight before your procedure. After surgery, you’ll have to live a healthy and balanced way of living consisting of a well balanced diet and constant exercise to ensure you keep a stable weight.

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