There room 23.85 miles from Hartford to Springfield in phibìc direction and also 27 mile (43.45 kilometers) through car, adhering to the I-91 N route.

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Hartford and Springfield room 28 minutes much apart, if you journey non-stop.

This is the fastest path from Hartford, CT to Springfield, MA. The halfway suggest is Windsor Locks, CT.

Hartford, CT and Springfield, MA space in the same time zone (EDT). Present time in both places is 9:17 am.

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Gas Consumption and also Emissions

A automobile with a fuel efficiency of MPG will need 1.07 gallons of gas come cover the route between Hartford, CT and Springfield, MA.

The estimated cost the gas to walk from Hartford to Springfield is $3.39.

During the route, one average vehicle will relax 20.95 pounds of CO2 come the atmosphere. The carbon footprint would be 0.79 pounds of CO2 every mile.

average USA gas price supplied for calculation is $3.17 per gallon of continual gas. Price last updated ~ above September 25, 2021.

Best many hotels In or close to Springfield, MA

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Halfway allude Between Hartford, CT and Springfield, MA

If you desire to meet halfway between Hartford, CT and Springfield, MA or just make a protect against in the middle of her trip, the exact coordinates the the halfway suggest of this route are 41.919750 and also -72.616318, or 41º 55" 11.1" N, 72º 36" 58.7448" W. This location is 13.31 miles away from Hartford, CT and Springfield, MA and it would certainly take approximately 14 minutes to reach the halfway point from both locations.

Closest City or city to Halfway Point

The closest town to the halfway point is Windsor Locks, CT, situated 14 miles native Hartford, CT and also 15 miles from Springfield, MA. It would take 18 minutes to walk from Hartford to Windsor Locks and also 18 minutes to go from Springfield to Windsor Locks.

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Weather in Hartford and Springfield

Compare the weather today and also the next four days in Hartford, CT and also Springfield, MA:


Rain tomorrow and Friday.

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