Would the phrase "How does it look like?" perhaps make feeling in any kind of case in English?

For many type of non-aboriginal speakers, it is hard to understand why "How does it look like?" is wrong and also "What does it look like?" is correct. An instance instance (possibly, a really rare and a really specific one), in which "How does it look like?" makes sense would certainly help them a lot.

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Small remark: In this question I am not asking for explanation of the interpretation of a expression, but rather the opposite --- I am asking to discover an interpretation for a expression. So the preplace in the title is "for", not "of". Please, don"t edit that.

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Would expression "How does it look like?" probably make feeling in any kind of case in English?

Yes. ;-)

An instance case (perhaps, a really rare and also a really certain one), in which "How does it look like?" makes feeling would help them a lot.

Challenge embraced. Understand also this will certainly be convoluted prefer nobody"s business and relies on the truth that tbelow are multiple meanings to individual words in the question. Also, have you viewed "Silence of the Lambs"?

Anyhow, after Buffalo Bill goes through the totality "It rubs the lotion onits skin" business, he tjuniorg8.coms the girl to behave actually in a details manner and checks she understands him:

"It looks adoringly up at me, prefer a pet that loves its master" hetjuniorg8.coms her. "Does it look roughly favor a frightened computer mouse desperatelyseeking escape?"

"No" says his victim.

"And does it look at me favor a disobedient dog, simply waiting for me > to turn my earlier so it can strike me?"

Aget, the girl shakes her head and claims "No".

"So", claims Buffalo Bill, "just how does it look like?"

"It looks up at you favor a pet that loves its master", she replies,between sobs.

Definitely rare and specific.

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I was going to imply the question might be syntactically correct in Valleysheight where the word "like" is on a regular basis inserted in or appended to spoken sentences - "So, like, exactly how does it look, like?" - however I think that would certainly just include even more confusion to the issue for human being new to the language.