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So you have learned how to to speak mom, dad, infant (see just how to to speak mom, dad and also baby in Chinese?), younger sister, larger sister, younger brother and older brother (see exactly how to to speak sister and brother in Chinese?) in Chinese. In today’s lesson, the Chinese words i am teaching are grandma and grandpa.

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First, let me offer you a brief introduction around the language and culture background. The English language sees no difference between paternal and maternal relations. “Grandma” is because that both father’s mother and mother’s mother. Father’s father and mother’s father space both referred to as “grandpa”.  

In contrast, the Chinese language areas an prestige on the differences between paternal and also maternal relationships. The differences mean a lot to Chinese people and also determine the actual relationships, near or distant, inside or outside, between relatives.

Therefore, in Chinese language the words because that “grandma” of head side and also maternal side room strictly distinguished in pronunciation and also writing: laolao or waipo, is because that grandma ~ above mom’s side, and nainai, dad’s side. Similarly, “grandpa” ~ above mom’s side converts as laoye or waigong, and also yeye, dad’s side.

Why there space differences in between paternal and maternal grandparents in Chinese language? Traditionally, paternal loved ones are concerned as straightforward units the Chinese society structure, while family members of mother’s, sister’s or daughter’s are regarded as “outside” that the core of the family line. The is why wai, definition “outside” or “far and away”, is usually used to attend to maternal relatives.

To make things even much more complicated, for maternal grandma, there are two words, waipo and also laolao. Typically speaking, laolao is an ext commonly offered in the north component of China, whereas waipo is much more common in the south. Similarly, laoye is supplied in the north China, and waigong, in the southerly China.

To make it simple for baby to start, the Chinese words for maternal grandma and also maternal grandpa in today’s lesson don’t save any wai, or “outsider”. Therefore, grandparents on both dad’s side and also mom’s side space equally important.


Let’s take a look.





Watch PPT presentation because that the finish lesson. Because of the dimension of the program, contents in the frame below may display blank. Merely refresh the present webpage or press F5 on your keyboard for the refresh function. (Please enable your computer system audio and increase the speak volume. You deserve to hear the words as soon as they are talked and monitor the sound track):

Click here to check out the whole display PPT presentation.

Or you can view the presentation in an interaction mode: Chinese learning for Babies (Lesson 1-Family Members): just how to say grandma and grandpa in Chinese.

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What execute you think? autumn me her comments, ideas, suggestions or complains here, so that I have the right to keep enhancing this program. I hope you and also your baby favor the series and continue learning Chinese mainly by week, month by month, year by year.

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