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If you’re anything favor me, you’ve spent a same amount of your pregnancy wondering what work will actually feel like.

Will I understand when I’m in labour?

Will mine water break and also gush all over like the does on the movies?

Will I need to rush to hospital?

I additionally spent a lot of time Googling ‘signs the labour’ and paid attention to every small niggle and also twinge.

Looking earlier now, I can laugh around it due to the fact that I realise ns was actually in beforehand labour for a if without also realising it.

The reason it’s so tough to find a definitive answer come what work will look and also feel favor for girlfriend is because every labour is different.

Every woman is different. Even the same woman will certainly have different labours through each pregnancy.

But i did uncover comfort in reading and also listening come what labour was prefer for others.

So, through that, I want to re-publishing what taken place for me top top the work I went into labour and hopefully the can carry some comfort (or entertainment) come you:

(For reference, this was my first labour, I entered labour spontaneously at 9pm once I to be 37+4 weeks and also had my little man the adhering to morning at 8:11am and also was 37+5 weeks).


7 – ‘Pop’ and also Rupture that Membranes

Let me just say, this is no what happens because that everyone.

I am very aware that this is much more of a movie’s style ‘pop and gush’ i beg your pardon is no that common.

More than most likely you’ll be in the realm of ‘light trickle’ aka ‘did I simply pee myself?’ i beg your pardon is perfectly normal.

For me, however, i was struggling so much to obtain comfortable that I finished up fall asleep, on mine hands and knees, leaning down with my butt up in the waiting (as formerly mentioned).

It to be the only way I might move the push off mine back.

Then, if somehow asleep in this position, ns remember feeling and also hearing a pop, which woke me up, and leaping turn off the bed in time for a gush!

Looking back I have no idea how I knew to get off the bed or what it was, but I remember hearing the pop and also feeling kind of a release.

I then spent a fair while in the shower, because the amniotic fluid just retained on coming and also I couldn’t store myself dry long sufficient to acquire dressed.

It to be honestly the weirdest feeling, and such one uncomfortable feeling.

I was also different in that my membrane ruptured before I to be in created labour and also before I had regular, intense contractions.

This just goes to show that no 2 labours space the same, so it’s good get an knowledge of ‘normal’ and also not simply ‘common’.

I seriously loved being in labour and also I love hearing labour stories – so hopefully hearing what taken place for me has actually helped you in some way.

Remember to talk to her Midwife around any involves you may have leading approximately labour, and do your finest to be safe and allow your body to do what it requirements to do.