In so late January, 1968, throughout the lunar brand-new year (or “Tet”) holiday, north Vietnamese and also communist Viet Cong pressures launched a combination attack versus a variety of targets in south Vietnam. The U.S. And South Vietnamese militaries sustained heavy losses before finally repelling the communist assault. The Tet attack played crucial role in weakening U.S. Public support for the war in Vietnam.


Ho Chi Minh and also leaders in Hanoi planned the Tet offensive in the hopes of achieve a decisive win that would end the grinding dispute that frustrated military leaders on both sides. A successful attack on major cities can force the joined juniorg8.coms to negotiate or perhaps even to withdraw. In ~ the very least, the north Vietnamese hoped it would serve to stop the continuous escalation the guerilla attacks and bombing in the North. Hanoi selected the Tet vacation to strike because it was traditionally a time that truce, and also because Vietnamese travel to spend the festival v their relatives detailed cover because that the motion of south Vietnamese national Liberation pressures (NLF) who sustained the communist forces.

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The an initial phase of the attack began top top January 30 and 31, when NLF pressures simultaneously assaulted a variety of targets, mostly occupied areas and places with heavy U.S. Troop presence. The strikes on the significant cities of Huế and also Saigon had a solid psychological impact, together they verified that the NLF troops were not as weak together the Johnson management had formerly claimed. The NLF even controlled to breach the outer walls that the U.S. Embassy in Saigon. Although the an initial phase of the offensive came to be the many famous, a second phase additionally launched simultaneous strikes on smaller sized cities and towns on may 4 and also stretched into June. A third phase started in August and also lasted 6 weeks. In the months the followed, U.S. And also South Vietnamese forces retook the communities that the NLF had actually secured over the food of the offensive, however they incurred hefty military and also civilian casualties in the process.

At the finish of the Tet Offensive, both political parties had withstood losses, and also both sides declared victory. The U.S. And also South Vietnamese military an answer almost totally eliminated the NLF forces and also regained every one of the shed territory. At the same time, the Tet offensive weakened residential support because that the Johnson administration as the vivid report on the Tet attack by the U.S. Media made clean to the American public that an all at once victory in Vietnam was no imminent.

The after-effects of Tet carried public discussions around de-escalation, but not before U.S. Generals request for extr troops because that a wide-scale “accelerated pacification program.” Believing the the U.S. Was in a place to loss the North, these armed forces leaders sought to push for a U.S.-South Vietnam offensive. Johnson and also others, however, review the situation differently. Johnson announced that the battle of north Vietnam would cease over the 20th parallel and placed a limit on U.S. Troops in south Vietnam. Johnson also attempted to set parameters for peace talks, but it would certainly be several much more years before these concerned fruition. In ~ the joined juniorg8.coms, protests versus continued authorized in Vietnam intensified. On march 31, 1968, Johnson announced the he would certainly not seek a 2nd term together president.

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The job of detect a way out that Vietnam to be left come the following U.S. President, Richard Nixon.