How to make a Hillary Clinton Costume

1Button-up, light pinkHillary Clinton no afraid of put on pretty fancy blouses under her level suits. A pink shirt prefer this is definitely something she would wear.

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2Blazer, navyMost often Clinton wears a blazer and also pantsuit in the shade of her autonomous party, i m sorry is marine blue.
3Slacks, navyTo enhance with the navy blazer, these marine slacks are a similar color and also an extremely much what Hillary Clinton would wear herself.
4Wig, blondHillary’s blond bob is the hairstyle she has had actually for countless years and also has end up being a signature look for her.
5Heels, blockHillary favors brief block-heel pumps the are an extremely professional in style. These tan block-heel pumps play turn off on the pink blouse and navy fit for a really classic and also older look.
6Pearl set, jewelryThough pearls may seem a little old-fashioned, it is the stone that Hillary favors and also wear very often about her neck and in she ears.
7Clinton, buttonBecause Clinton is a party leader, the is a great idea to have a button such together this one pinned on your blazer.

Hillary Clinton has a very an easy and expert sense of dressing. In spite of being an enlarge lady, she tho manages to look really classy in she pant suits and also pearl necklaces. To put it simply, she looks favor your grandma as a presidential candidate.

A simple Hillary Clinton costume would be a navy blue pantsuit and blazer v a light colored shirt underneath, quick block-heeled pumps, a pearl necklace and also earrings set, as well as her signature blonde bob.

Hillary Clinton Makeup/Hair watch Tutorial

Hillary doesn’t wear too much makeup, but since she is an older human being she has actually wrinkles and a different type of face. If you desire to try and make yourself look older and get the very same look together her, try out this assembly tutorial.

About Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton is the former first Lady, presidential candidate, too senator, indigenous the united States. She is married come the 42nd former President of the unified States, invoice Clinton. At this time she is a diplomat in the U.S and also an support for steady thinking in politics.


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