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Thalia, the muse that comedy, makes a couple of references around her crush. Disney

The Muses room the music goddesses that narrate the movie.

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All of them room fans the Hercules, and throughout the movie they worship him because that his heroic feats. However, among the Muses in details — Thalia, the muse the comedy — concentrates on Hercules" attractiveness and also calls him "Hunk-ules."

She also says that she"d "like to make part sweet music with him" while lying next to his image before another Muse interrupts her.

Though this movie only shows Megara together Hercules" love interest, in Greek mythology, the demigod had actually several wives transparent the course of his life. So, this blatant showing of other women"s attraction come him can be a ethereal acknowledgment the that.

The Muses describe some pretty exact Titan mythology.


The musical introduction to the story complies with Greek myth. Disney

The story of the Titans the the Muses sing around at the beginning of the movie is largely accurate come Greek mythology.

They explain that the Titans wreaked havoc till Zeus toppled them, which complies with the Greek myth whereby Zeus imprisons the Titans and also ends their dominance over Earth. However, "Hercules" only shows four Titans, and also there space actually 12 in the standard myth.

There's an alcohol reference that youngsters likely don't understand.


The Muses recommendation vermouth in "The Gospel Truth." Disney

The Muses describe life on mountain Olympus together "neat and smooth together sweet vermouth."

Vermouth is a wine that is provided in a range of combined drinks. Back the alcohol can be "neat and also smooth," therefore it renders sense in the Muses" metaphor, this reference would presumably walk over the heads of the young audience the the movie is aimed at.

Several recognizable gods and also goddesses are displayed at Zeus and Hera's party.


Aphrodite, Athena, and Poseidon space a few of the figures at the party. Disney

There are countless gods and also goddesses in attendance in ~ the party the Zeus and also Hera litter on mountain Olympus as soon as Hercules is born.

Hermes delivers a gift come Zeus, a fitting act because that the messenger of mountain Olympus, and also he"s displayed wearing his renowned winged cap and sandals. In another brief scene, Narcissus, well known for his self-love, is viewed looking at himself in a mirror.

There are likewise several non-speaking gods and goddesses scattered in the background with unique physical characteristics that do it clear that they"re supposed to represent.

A goddess v long, heart-shaped hair and a heart clip on she toga appears to it is in Aphrodite, the goddess that love. A god with a substantial helmet and sword is determined as Ares, the god that war.

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One god v a fin top top his head and a trident in his hand is recognizably Poseidon, the god of the sea. And another goddess in the lift of the scene is shown holding an owl, the symbol of Athena, the goddess that wisdom and war.