When I filled in the DS-160 form, I put a particular travel month. Thereafter, during my visa interwatch, once asked by the CO once will I be traveling to the US, I answered that I will more than likely travel in that exact same month declared on the DS160 also, though not certain. And I was informing the reality at the time. The CO checked the day on the DS-160 develop and typed somepoint into the computer system.

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However after some discussion via my fiance, we later number out that it will be better to travel one month earlier than the day I told the CO.
Would this constitute an worry through the CBP at the Port of Entry? Will it constitute as "misrepresentation" if the CBP pull out the DS160 and also the document and sees what the CO has actually typed, which can be my statement that I will more than likely arrive at that day, however currently it"s various than the actual day I arrive, even though I told the fact at the interview? Or is it as lengthy as the visa is valid then I deserve to travel at any time allowed on the K1?

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Has anyone "been there, done that"? Same instance, but enabled enattempt anyway? Or denied entry? Anyone deserve to share some actual experiences? Celeste & C thanks for your reply! It helps me to relieve anxiety bereason I will be booking my plane ticket soon.

I can not remember if I answered "no" to the question and also put intended travel day, or answered "yes" and put a details take a trip plan tright here. Let"s assume the worst, that I answered "yes" and put in a particular take a trip plan, and later on told the CO that I will more than likely take a trip in that exact same month. Then quickly after obtaining the visa I adjusted my mind and desire to travel a month previously. Maybe the CBP at the POE will certainly say I lied on my DS160 and lied to the CO?

You have the right to take a trip whenever before the visa is valid.

I wouldn"t purchase any tickets until you have the visa in your hand also as anything deserve to delay the delivery of the passport.

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I think they ask for that day to have actually an concept as soon as to interview. On that basis, on the DS160 I argued a date that was a tiny earlier than I intfinished. I ended up getting an interwatch that was reserved just 2 weeks or so after the letter inviting me to it (was told its typically 4 weeks in London), which came right after my clinical. This gave me time to have a trip to Portugal to check out my brother prior to leaving for the US. I think I still travelled roughly 2-3 weeks later than I argued in DS160.

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If you gain the visa on time, you"re good to take a trip (within the time borders of that visa). Don"t worry as well a lot around it, you are over reasoning it. No one is going to suggest you lied bereason your take a trip plans adjusted a little. They particularly tell you NOT to book flights or make any firm wedding plans till you have actually the visa. So no one should have actually firm unchangeable plans when filling in the DS160.

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