Watching "Fear Factor" always makes you type of wonder: has actually anyone ever passed away on this show? It every started as soon as the original series hit the little screen in 2001, and also while each subsequent iteration had actually its own spin, the franchise steadily supplied a present of passionate contestants ready to carry out just about anything come win. Obtain tear-gassed? carry it. Drink cheat urine? Yessiree. Be buried alive? Yeah, sure. What might go wrong?

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Obviously, some "Fear Factor" obstacles were an ext gag-worthy, while rather actually endangered the resides of contestants, who periodically barely made it the end of the show alive. Once the original collection was canceled in 2006, low ratings (and a much more nauseating facet of the above donkey stunt) take it the blame. The reboot in 2011 died a quick death after just one year. And in 2017, MTV scooped increase "Fear Factor" for one more short run prior to canceling the present after two seasons. Even if it is they won or lost, contestants throughout the collection shared a typical fate: lock survived.

But that doesn"t typical the show came and also went without consequences. At the very least one viewer test a lawsuit versus NBC for grossing him the end to together a degree that he ended up being sick and dizzy and hurt himself. (A referee tossed the suit.) far worse, however, to be a tragedy that arisen early on, during the run of the original "Fear Factor."

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In the beginning, "Fear Factor" was a fresh and also exciting American version of the initial Dutch display "Now or Neverland." It got a strong following out of the gate — lot to comedian and also UFC commentator Joe Rogan"s surprise. According to BroBible, he to be blunt with NBC execs once he signed on to hold the show. "This is the many insane idea for a television present that I"ve ever heard," Rogan said. "This is going to be canceled immediately,"

But that course, the wasn"t. The collection initially earned high ratings before losing viewers ~ the 4th season. In that home window between popularity and also cancellation, the initial "Fear Factor" became a phenomenon, motivating dangerous copycat events. In 2005, Thailand"s Bangkok Trade and also Exhibition Centre organized a "Fear Factor"-inspired event and brought in climbing pop singer Vaikoon Boonthanom to take it part, follow to IOL. Boonthanom passed away of brain injuries after gift hit through a barrel during a stunt.

While the Thai occasion wasn"t officially attached to the show, this tragedy never would have emerged without its influence. It"s the best reason of all for those that hope "Fear Factor" is ultimately gone because that good.