I've been playing Tale of Two Towns and I keep changing which Bachelors I want (originally wanted Mickhail, then went for Cam, changed to Ash). I seem to be leaning towards Kana now because he's the only bachelor who doesn't seem to be upset when I turned him down for a date, also he seems to ask my character out the most even though he's at two flowers, Ash and Cam, for characters at three flowers don't seem as interested in dating my character. What were your chosen bachelor/bachelorettes? What were the most popular ones for those who played Tale of Two towns? Did you keep changing bachelors throughout your playthroughs?

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Tale of Two Towns was always a tragic game for me, for two reasons.

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I love animals, but was always more fond of Konohana's village and people. I always wanted to live there, but for me crops have always been just a way to get money for livestock. So I sadly lived in Bluebell because it had more space for them.

The story is great and the gameplay is fun, but I never really fell for any of the bachelors. I even thought the bachelorettes were more attractive (particularly Reina and Georgia), but I didn't want to play as a boy. Probably my first Harvest Moon game where I considered just not getting married.

I was interested in Ash initially, but I absolutely hated his sister's character. Straight up sabotaging any chance of romance for him... I couldn't stand her. I love Jessica, but there was no way I was marrying into that family if Cheryl was a part of it.

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Cam was good looking, but too cold for my liking, I always thought of Dirk as a lesser version of Ash, Hiro always looked like a child to me, Kana was nice but he always felt like an NPC I'd want to befriend instead of a bachelor for some reason, and when Mikhail arrived, I didn't want to focus on dating anymore (and never did again), so I never made the time to get to know him.

As an adult, if I were to play again (which I might do now, nostalgia is kicking in and I think it's one of the better games in the series), I would see what Mikhail is like, give Kana another chance, and try to tolerate Ash's horrible little sister, because I really do find him cute, and his mother really grew on me when I was younger. (I also think I'll start in Konohana and move to Bluebell later, so I can experience life in both towns)