I"m a 28-year-old male, and have had actually a mole on mine stomach because that as long as I deserve to remember. Recently, because that the very first time, a black color hair has begun to grow out that it. This led to it come become more raised 보다 before, so i plucked the hair and it resolved back down. However, the hair has now grown back and the mole has become inflamed and also painful to the touch.

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Could this be a melanoma? I review somewhere that the reality my mole has actually a hair growing out of it means it virtually certainly isn"t cancerous, but I"m no sure and also would love some reassurance/advice.

My situation is slightly facility by the reality I"m abroad for the next two months, with tiny opportunity to watch a GP.

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Inflamed mole with hair

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Hello PeteI"m i m really sorry to hear that you have some concerns around a mole. Unfortunately the only human who will have the ability to give friend answers regarding this mole is a Dr. I execute hope that you"re maybe to make arrangements to view someone. 

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Inflamed mole through hair

15 Feb 2020 14:30 in an answer to PMac123


As Jenn has currently said, just a GP can offer you the reassurance that your mole is OK. Generally speaking, a mole v a hair farming from the is much less likely to be cancerous. However, you need to bear in mind the melanoma doesn"t always follow the rules so obtain it checked out when you acquire home & hope it will certainly be fine.

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