This is what I have actually concerned think of exactly how these wellness related attacks work… Test em and correct em probably. I’ll try and also be a certain as feasible. Any suggestions are invited. I have actually updated this everytime somepoint has actually been tested and also proven. This is exact.

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P1 Life leech is a life leech dmg type over time. It is withstood by life leech resistance. It is increased by +%life leech. This is true for both heros(our toons) and adversaries. The amount of dmg that is inflicted on your foe gets returned back to you as health and wellness.

P2 Vitality dmg is a vitality dmg kind. It is not enhanced by any kind of character stat(maybe enhanced by intellegence). It is stood up to by vitality resistance. It is increased by +%vitality dmg. This is true for both heros(our toons) and adversaries.

P3 ##% reduction of health and wellness is a vitality dmg kind. It takes the total existing health and wellness (prefer the static charge ability from the sorc in D2) value, determines the %reduction and inflicts that number. The number is then withstood by vitality resistances and also for adversaries tbelow is likewise a secondary resistance to particularly %reduction of health and wellness attacks. This is why this dmg has bit to no result on bosses. When utilizing items that mitigate resistances all resistances (including the covert %wellness are lowered) This dmg deserve to NOT be increase by +%vitality dmg.

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P4 % of Attack converted to wellness. This stat will certainly take the “flat” dmg that you inflict (physical, pierce, fire, cold, lighting, vitality) (no dots). Once that dmg has actually been withstood by the armor and also resistance of the enemy is it totaled, multiplied by the %conversion to health and wellness and also then prior to this wellness is granted to you it is reduced by the life leech resistance of the enemy. The amount of wellness reextended deserve to NOT be directly increased by +%life leech, however indirectly the amount CAN be enhanced by lowering the -life leech resistance of the opponent.

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