Kublai Khan"s China is an excellent defensive civilization that also excels at science and also trading. Cooperating v other civilizations (and no warmongering) is the prefered success path. In this overview I will teach you exactly how to win a game of world VI together Kublai Khan"s China on deity or any difficulty.

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Envoy to a City-State (80% chance)+1
Economic plan slot. Each
Trade route sent come a City-State sponsor 1
Envoy there.Ritual

Reach the medieval Era

Allows girlfriend to build the Gilded Vaultbuilding, a powerful replacement the the Bank.


Reach the industrial Era


Wildcard plan slot. +2 Spy capacity. Your cities get +4 Loyaltyper turn and +1 Amenity as soon as your Spy is in your territory.

Master Plan

Reach the atom Era

Whenever an offensive spy mission is successful, you also gain half of the

Culture, and
Science the the target city earned the turn. Earn 3% the your
Gold treasury as
Gold per turn (up to 1000
Gold per turn).

China throughout the game


I played a deity game through the settings above. Secret societies & Monopolies and Corporations gamings modes on. I got a really good start ar with plenty of places for decent to godlike Campuses:


I forgot to take it a better screenshot in ~ the start of the game, however as you can see I inserted 2 Campus districts adjacent to geothermal fissures and also mountains. I went as much as founding a city ~ above a no-water tile. Sweden to be settling really close and declared battle on me, they lost a the majority of resources and units versus my archers in the Longxi-Goteborg chokepoint, ~ the battle they shed Goteborg"s loyalty and also I overcame it. This to be a relatively an excellent start for my video game that permitted me to keep up or surpass the AI in scientific research while holding my own in terms of territory and also other aspects.

Early game

Make sure you have actually a an excellent start ar with a decent place (at the very least +3 adjacency bonus) because that a Campus. There space players qualified of win on deity even through a bad beginning location, the is not my case, I got lucky. Starting the video game you have 2 objectives:

Kill one unit v a Slinger in order to obtain the Archery eurekaPlace a great Campus

Build Order

Scout -> Slinger -> Builder -> Settler. Likewise 2 Slinger start is an excellent if you already found a great spot for a Campus. Keep your warrior nearby to one of your slingers in case you uncover barbarians.



Magnus every single game because I choose removing features and making an ext stonks from that (chopping lumber is really beneficial when constructing the very first Campus), I additionally like to broaden my empire and not lose any population in the process.


Based top top Archery and also trading you require the following:

Archery:Kill a unit v a SlingerSailing: discovered your first or second city top top the Coast, you require this for lighthouse (+1 trade route) in the futureCelestial Navigation:Improve 2 Sea resourcesWriting:Meet one more civilizationEducation: knife a good Scientist (buy if you can)Scientific Theory:Have the knowledge Civic. Scientific Theory enables Research Agreements, which friend should automatically make once it is available.

Civics boosts

In stimulate to assistance trade and science development, girlfriend should emphasis on the following public boosts:

Craftsmanship:Improve 3 tilesForeign Trade:Discover a 2nd continentEarly Empire:Grow your human being to at the very least 6 peopleThe Enlightenment: knife 3 an excellent People

Trade routes, obtain the economy going

Fill your trading slots by simply making or buying an ext traders, we want to gain that economic climate going as quickly as possible.

Going because that the scientific research victory:

Settle new cities, hurry brand-new Campuses, purchase every building possible. This means you will get way ahead the the AI and also secure your technical advantage

What around war and diplomacy?

As Kublai Khan"s China you can afford declaring war really early in the video game (to snipe a settler or something like that) as grievances will certainly be low. However, as the game developments we desire to have an excellent diplomatic relationships with all other human beings as we need the trading an ext than lock do. Often enough the AI will inevitably declare battle on you, in this instance you need to play defensively, make great use that your good walls, ranged units and choke-points. After losing all its devices the AI will certainly come crying for forgiveness and a great peace deal.

Don"t forget to communicate with the AI. Develop embassies and trade your surplus resources.

Kublai Khan"s China mid to late game

In scientific research terms you need to be top top the very same level or better than the AI. You have actually to hold-up the AIs victory conditions while proceeding your own. To accomplish this you need the complying with alliances:

Research Alliance: ally yourself with a people that is not most likely to walk for a science victory and that is close or behind you in scienceCultural alliance: If you"re not going for a social victory then allied yourself v the second or 3rd best people in society terms, this will ensure the the first place won"t obtain a victory. If you"re going for a social victory then allied yourself through the AI that has an ext populationReligious Alliance: similar to the social alliance, you want to ally you yourself to the AI that is 2nd or third place in its path to a religious victory, yet preferably select an AI that is nearby, so the can transform your cities an ext easily

Delay the AI"s scientific research victory: have a lot of spies, send them to disrupt rocketry and also steal tech boosts.

Be aware of sneaky diplomacy victories: Amass a large amount of diplomatic favor in the late game, vote versus the AI the is winning. Save an eye top top diplomacy victory points.

China districts

Campuses, advertising Hubs and also Harbors are essential, this is a world science and also trading civilization. Late video game Theater Squares and Industrial Zones end up being important depending upon if you"re going for a social or a scientific research victory.

Holy Sites


Playing on deity? climate don"t.



Campuses space the most crucial district while playing Kublai Khan"s China, you should setup your cities/districts follow to Campus adjacency bonuses. Having an excellent Campuses is a requirement.

+2 scientific research adjacency bonus native Geothermal Fissure and Reef tile, +1 Sciente from mountain tiles+1/2 science bonus native Rainforest and nearby districts. If there space not enough natural bonuses, climate helping your Campus with an array of 2 Districts next to it such as Commercial Hub+Government Plaza will certainly help



If you are not going because that a domination victory, then you don"t require Encampments when playing Kublai Khan"s China. Good walls, walled cities and also ranged units are an ext than sufficient to safeguard your civilization.

Industrial Zones


Industrial Zones space prioritized after ~ Campuses and Commercial Hubs/Harbors, if you"re walking vor a science victory, then you will need some cities through high production outputs. Otherwise construct commercial Zones if you watch a "too great of a location to happen on", such a +3 or +4 adjacency bonus.



Harbours are second to advertising Hubs, their main selling suggest is the commerce slot the it grants, however remember girlfriend either have actually the advertisement Hub or the harbor trading slot, unless you likewise have the Owls the Minerva"s Gilded Vault in the city.

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Commercial Hubs


Commercial Hubs are 2nd only come Campuses, the factor is that it provides a commerce route, wich coupled v Kublai Khan"s Gereges grant Eurekas/Civic boosts once Trade courses are completed. However, you have to not rely just on advertising Hubs for tech/civics development, together the boosts are completely random and some of them friend would gain anyways. Nevertheless, native my own experience playing Kublai Khan, I can say Gereges Eurekas/Civic boosts randomness helps an ext often than not.

How to counter Kublai Khan"s China

China AI is a difficult match, it will development through the periods faster 보다 you and is additionally very great defensively. However, if played appropriately you can conveniently win complying with these advices:

Go to war at an early stage or late in the game: China wins if they have Crouching Tiger and great Walls, however they space really weak before and also after the (assuming girlfriend didn"t loss too far behind in science). If you"re walking to battle anyways once they have actually their great defenses, climate the following advice is for youDon"t struggle in their territory: China is solid inside that is territory, and weak outside. The AI is basic to entice outside that territory, get rid of all its units and also only then invade its territorySpy/Steal tech boosts: China often tends to acquire ahead in the scientific research tree, presenting a good opportunity for espionage and also stealing tech boostsHorses: Crouching Tigers space slow and China usually builds slow-moving units, definition mounted units deserve to pillage at will. Great Walls and also Campuses are good targets