The Collaborative international Dictionary Word meanings in The collaborative International thesaurus Argo \Ar"go\, n. (Myth.) The name of the delivery which brought Jason and also his fifty-four companions come Colchis, in pursuit of the golden Fleece. (Astron.) A huge constellation in the southerly hemisphere, called likewise Argo Navis . In contemporary astronomy...

Douglas Harper"s Etymology Dictionary Word meanings in Douglas Harper"s Etymology dictionary name of the ship in which Jason and also his companions search the Fleece in Colchis, in Greek, literally "The Swift," native argos "swift" (adj.), an epithet, precise "shining, bright" (see argent ; compare also Sanskrit cognate rjrah "shining, glowing, bright,"...

Gazetteer Word interpretations in Gazetteer populace (2000): 1780 real estate Units (2000): 726 soil area (2000): 12.169642 sq. Mile (31.519227 sq. Km) Water area (2000): 0.097665 sq. Miles (0.252950 sq. Km) complete area (2000): 12.267307 sq. Mile (31.772177 sq. Km) FIPS code: 02320 situated within:...

Wikipedia Word meanings in Wikipedia In Greek mythology , Argo (; in Greek : Ἀργώ, definition "swift") to be the delivery on which Jason and the Argonauts cruised from Iolcos to Colchis come retrieve the gold Fleece . She was named after she builder, Argus.

consumption examples the argo.

Now, goddesses, say just how it is that past this sea, close to the land of Ausonia and also the Ligystian isles, which are dubbed Stoechades, the mighty monitor of the ship Argo are clearly sung of?

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But as soon as the Colchians learnt the death of their prince, verily lock were passionate to go after Argo and also the Minyans v all the Cronian sea.

Argos I when it to be on the other side the the world, Eileen want to shot to gain to know her sister again.

He flew on past pleasant hills and also valleys, like Argos itself, or Lacedaemon, or the fair Vale of Tempe.

Returning by Argos and Corinth, i crossed the isthmus, and taking the road by Megara, got to Athens top top the 20th the February.

MAY-FLOWER--of Delft Haven-- poor, common-looking ship, rental by typical charter-party for coined dollars,--caulked v mere oakum and tar, provisioned v vulgarest biscuit and also bacon,--yet what delivery Argo or miraculous epic ship, developed by the sea gods, was other than a foolish bumbarge in comparison!

The Argo to be long and also narrow, the outer row of seat on each side slightly raised.

As virtually as he might tell, this other Hercules and his nephew, named Enkidu, had been somehow stranded yesterday, left behind either by accident or design, when the Argo had actually put in along the shores of the river Chius, in the soil of Mysia.

The Argo, like most ships developed for other purposes than transporting freight, endured from a absence of storage an are in general, and also not much might be done about it.

Within a couple of hrs the Argo was coming ashore, she captain definition to once more refill the collection of water jugs and jars and also waterskins.

On numerous occasions the Argo sailed totally out of sight of soil for hours at a time.

Proteus started to notification how strangely often an initial one paris fish and also then another, skimming the tide on a parallel course v the Argo, and at no an excellent distance, just kept up through the ship.

Proteus observed one fellow standing at the end of a dock, who seemed to it is in posing through tensed muscle while that watched the Argo glide by, together if he wanted to impress the newcomers with his physique.

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Amycus, the crew of the Argo drove your sleek courage on up the swift and also swirling watery channel the the steersman and also the Colchian brothers called the Bogazi.