The Hoffman Crew shows that the first mistake was not kicking the squatters off their first claim; beyond that lock didn?t have a an excellent sense what to prospect.

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Jack talks about the "lavador" - the device used to mine diamonds, as various other Hoffman Crew miners wished lock knew anything about diamonds other than they're pretty.

Gene Cheeseman talks about his biggest fear - gift on TV and also having strangers evaluating what he does. As someone who just wants to plow ahead chris Doumit defines him as the Pitbull.

93 year old man Schnabel's dream is to discover juniorg8.comld at smith Creek v his grandsons before his health and the weather offer out.

For the very first time, Parker reveals just how close he came to wanting come walk after constant criticism from Tony; Tony mirrors on even if it is his harsh technique worked.

The Hoffman Crew describes the threats they didn't suppose to conference in the tropical - including surrounding murders.
For the an initial time the miners sat down and also reveal many an individual struggles we didn't know about during the critical season, and also what phone call what the future holds.
Grandpa john pays a visit to inspect on Parker and Payson at blacksmith Creek and also finds a surprise that provides him very happy.
Parker borrows an excavator from Dakota Fred but the journey back to the insurance claim comes close to disaster.
As the Klondike planet starts to frozen up, Rick's bulldozer has trouble standing as much as the effort.
Tensions are high, with mistakes continue all 3 crews, however no an ext so than for the Dakota Crew who need to undertake a risky devices rescue.
The Hoffman crew finds a quite nugget in leftover salary dirt, but the exploration leads Todd to think about opening up a 3rd cut with small time left.
Parker Schnabel and his mother, Nancy, provides us a distinct look in ~ the life of 91-year-old Grandpa man Schnabel, including the family's current scare v his love health.
After his return indigenous the Klondike, Parker Schnabel obtain the terrible news the his grandfather John has actually suffered a life-threatening heart attack.
Todd Hoffman and his team gain to occupational on their first night transition in an effort to meet the juniorg8.comal of 1000 ounces faster.
Each the the 3 crews room working difficult to make a fresh start, though 2 of the crews have a head start on finding salary dirt.
Dakota Fred does not think dredging part of the glory hole will certainly be worth their time. Will certainly he be proven otherwise?
Parker reflects off his wash plant to his grandfather and describes alters he desires to make by the finish of the season.
In this sneak peek, Parker Schnabel and Rick Ness hit permafrost in Fantasyland. Will certainly the cut be a season-maker, or a season-breaker?
As Todd Hoffman gets his boy Hunter and Hudson ready to return residence for school, he shows on the prominence of fathers sharing their lives with their sons.
The Dakota boys ultimately reach bedrock at Porcupine Creek, a milestone the eluded the Hoffmans so Fred celebrate at Jack's expense.
The idea of picking up and moving to discover a new site is not what Dave Turin had actually in mind as their last chance to uncover juniorg8.comld.
At Eureka Creek, Tony Beets is in a foolish scramble to obtain his dredge up and running before winter close the door in.
After his grand returns house from the hospital, Parker Schnabel talks around the points that room most vital to his lover grandpa.
The Dakota boys at Porcupine Creek tally up your juniorg8.comld to view if they've hit their break-even mark of 50 ounces.

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The Dakota Crew is finally working the insurance claim at Cahoon Creek and also will know more about their possibilities for detect juniorg8.comld as soon as they fight bedrock.
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