As a new mining season begins the crews press to find the many gold yet. This season it’s every hands on deck as dredging for gold i do not care a family affair. Todd Hoffman will have actually three generations of guys working on the claim. Parker Schnabel finds the end that one season of yellow mining has actually nothing to perform with the next. While Tony Beets has actually to get a 75 year old machine to actually develop gold.

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Season 6 episode 1 - Blood, Sweat and also Gold

As a brand-new mining season begins, Parker gets turn off to a devastating start once he loses vital crew and Tony orders him turn off his claim. Todd to adjust a massive goal because that the season and Tony reveals huge plans to broaden his operation. Air day : 16th-Oct-2015Read More

Season 6 episode 2 - Gold ship

A major issue brings Tony"s dredge operation to a halt; Grandpa man is rushed to the hospital. Air day : 23rd-Oct-2015Read More

Season 6 illustration 3 - moving the Monster

Todd encounters huge issues as he make the efforts to move his 50 ton washplant. Tony"s dredge finally starts producing gold. Parker piles on the pressure and also it proves to it is in too much for among his young crew members. Air day : 30th-Oct-2015Read More

Season 6 episode 4 - Grandpa"s golden Advice

Todd"s attempt to deal with a mountain of tailings pits him against his son Hunter. Tony"s dredge bring away a hit as he place a rookie winchman in the warm seat. Parker looks for advice from his Grandpa together he struggles to conserve his season. Air day : 6th-Nov-2015Read More

Season 6 illustration 5 - Jack"s yellow Shack

As Parker"s disappointed boils over, he should look at his very own attitude; at Eureka Creek, Tony Beets gets manual with his creaking 1938 yellow dredge. Air day : 13th-Nov-2015Read More

Season 6 episode 6 - treasure Island

Parker and his foreman Rick take a possibility on a new cut. Todd searches because that a deal with so he deserve to stop shedding gold out of the sluicebox. Tony"s crew access time a large snag through the dredge. Air date : 20th-Nov-2015Read More

Season 6 illustration 7 - ElDorado Dream

Jack gets to follow his dream in ~ ElDorado, the richest recorded creek in north America. Parker"s crew pushes difficult in attempt to have actually Treasure Island live as much as its name. Tony discovers his dredge is pouring gold the end of its sluices. Air date : 27th-Nov-2015Read More

Season 6 episode 8 - Mammoth Channel

The Hoffman crew uncovers a distinctive potential authorize of great gold. Parker refuses to give up on endowment Island and also a fight in between Tony and also his crew spells the end for several of his crew. Air day : 4th-Dec-2015Read More

Season 6 episode 9 - Mammoth gold

Todd"s crew unearths proof of a substantial prehistoric biology that might or may not lead to huge gold. Tony is forced to rebuild his washplant and also Parker opens up the biggest cut of his life in an effort to get much more gold than his rival Todd. Air day : 11th-Dec-2015Read More

Season 6 episode 10 - Parker comes of period

A special episode the aired right after episode 9, that covers Parker"s gold mining milestones. Air date : 11th-Dec-2015Read More

Season 6 episode 11 - Parker"s 21st

It"s Parker"s 21st birthday and also Rick has actually an awesome surprise waiting for him plank a party barge. Tony looks for for a new investment. Air date : 18th-Dec-2015Read More

Season 6 illustration 12 - Captain Monica

Monica covers Tony"s dredging operation. Elsewhere, Parker make the efforts a huge haul. Air day : 1st-Jan-2016Read More

Season 6 episode 13 - Crew battle

Parker"s brand-new mechanic sparks a mutiny; a drought shuts down Todd"s operation; and also Tony deals with a major issue that might put him the end of business. Air day : 8th-Jan-2016Read More

Season 6 illustration 14 - Goldzilla yellow

Hoffman encounters a feud between his day and also night staff. Elsewhere, Tony and Gene have a disagreement about operations while Parker"s to wash plant is developing pay. Air date : 15th-Jan-2016Read More

Season 6 episode 15 - Million Dollar mountain

Tony provides a large purchase. Parker and Todd wager on who will gain the many gold, leading to huge changes top top the claims. Air date : 22nd-Jan-2016Read More

Season 6 episode 16 - Dead even

Parker payment his royalties because that his 3000 oz gold score in advance. The dredge is stuck in his own tailings. Todd recovers his weekly loss by opening the roulette cut. Air day : 29th-Jan-2016Read More

Season 6 episode 17 - gold Bombshell

Parker is encouraged to re-open his Fantasyland cut. The strength on Tony"s 75-year-old dredge is upped to speed up production. Todd"s Roulette reduced provides both rewards and also problems. Air day : 5th-Feb-2016Read More

Season 6 episode 18 - Klondike Legend

Tony Beets travels earlier to his roots in the Netherlands wherein he expose details around his transformation from a farm young to a Klondike mining legend. Cameras additionally follow that in his offseason house in the desert. Air date : 12th-Feb-2016Read More

Season 6 episode 19 - Oregon gold

Hoffman"s feather for new mining soil in Oregon. Beets tries to find better ground for his dredge. Parker move his washplant to other side the cut. Air date : 19th-Feb-2016Read More

Season 6 episode 20 - Frozen pay

Parker must divert a creek and also mine; Tony breaks his dredge buckets; Todd doubles down v a second monster washplant. Air day : 26th-Feb-2016Read More

Season 6 illustration 21 - King the the Klondike

As winter closes in, the race for gold intensifies; Todd runs two washplants; Tony do the efforts to acquire his dredge out of the water prior to it freezes; Grandpa john checks in top top Parker. Air day : 4th-Mar-2016Read More

Season 6 episode 22 - gold Hard truth

Season 2015 review and season 2016 preview. Air day : 11th-Mar-2016Read More

Season 6 episode 23 - No hold Barred

Air day : 18th-Mar-2016Read More




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