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by Catherine

Perfect mother Day gift!

So special, gorgeous earring, irradiate weight. Perfect because that summer travels, and also the yellow vermeil procedure is important something unique. Mommy loved them!

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by Marie

Beautiful earrings

Gorgeous well made earrings, simply waiting because that Alfredo to produce a gold plated filigree necklace or two that I have the right to wear with it!

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by Arthur

14th Wedding Anniversary Gift

I wanted to call you and also everyone just how much I prefer the craftmanship that the earrings. This is a gift for my wife. I started searching for a classic present, i m sorry is ivory. That was argued a modern-day alternative is gold. By opportunity or good fortunate I uncovered your site and then the earrings. Our anniversary is the is soon, so ns havent offered them to she yet. Ns am certain she will love them. The card in the box saying give thanks to you is from Orlando. Tell him ns admire his craftmanship and attention to detail. I will certainly be visiting your site later on for extr purchases. Thank you.

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"In a way, my work deals with the wealth of nature. My motivation comes indigenous a desire to complement female beauty through my designs, which are infused through Peruvian artistry."

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