In God that War, the eye of Odin are constantly upon you. Odin’s ravens — those flappy green bastards — room everywhere and in (almost) every realm. Several of them are gated behind key story progress, therefore finding (and murdering) all 51 of them takes a lengthy time.

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They’re also really, really easy to miss, so this overview is here to aid you save track of or discover every solitary one of them.

We’re going to rest this right into two phases — beforehand game and also late game — and organize them by realm and also region. For our purposes, the late game starts with the main story chapter, “The Sickness.”

We’re going to carry out our finest to prevent spoiling any kind of story revelations in the list of ravens below, yet we have the right to only promise the for the an initial 11.

A keep in mind on God of war spoilers

God the War is full of surprises, and that makes guides specifically tricky to write. We want to assist you with the game. We don’t desire to spoil it. So we desire you to know that we’ve written every guide with spoiler in mind. 

If our overview doesn’t appear to get you every items (a chest, because that example), yes sir a reason for that. Quite than spoil that reason, our tables that contents and also a huge image in the guide indicating spoilers ahead will certainly tell girlfriend when and also why you find yourself in that case — in the least spoilery means possible. 

Table the contents

Midgard and also Alfheim (11 ravens)

These 11 Odin’s ravens space along the key story path.

Exploring the Lake of ripe (28 ravens)

The following 28 Odin’s ravens are about the Lake the Nine, the Shores that Nine, and in areas connecting come the lake. Beginning here, images necessarily save on computer spoilers.

Helheim (6 ravens)

To discover every Odin’s crow in Helheim, you’ll need at the very least two trips. The links below reflect both the them.

Wildwoods (1 raven)

You’ll need the Magic Chisel to accessibility a hidden Chamber.

Valkyries Odin’s ravens (5 ravens)

Five an ext Odin’s ravens are hiding within Valkyries’ concealed Chambers.

Early game (11 ravens)

We’re walk to present these a little out that order. We’ll focus on the ravens you will do it come across while complying with the key story first, then deal with the rest the ones you deserve to find around the Lake that Nine.

Midgard River pass (4 ravens)

There are six ravens in the flow Pass. You can get 4 of lock on your an initial time through.

SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony interaction Entertainment via This crow is end at the irradiate Elf Shores in the northwest of the Lake the Light. Native the dock, rotate left and head end to the temple area (where you’ll eventually close a Realm Tear). The end on the balcony, turn left and look in ~ the irradiate statue cut down to discover the raven.Midgard — The mountain (3 ravens)There space three ravens to uncover in the hill on your very first pass.

SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony interaction Entertainment via after ~ you rise up the well and also out of the Witch’s Cave, you’ll finish up in she front yard. To the left, there’s a chain come climb. On the ledge, monitor the path and you’ll see a crow on your left.Midgard — Thamur’s Corpse (1 raven)There is one crow to gain as quickly as you come in the Thamur’s Corpse region.

Standing in ~ the dock once arrive at Thamur’s Corpse, turn to the left. Look along the optimal of the cliffs for this raven.
SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony interactive Entertainment via

Early come mid-game — trying out the Lake of ripe (28 ravens)

The next 28 ravens can be uncovered near the Lake of ripe — in the loosely characterized area dubbed the Shores of nine — or in areas that affix to the lake.

Lookout Tower (1 raven)

from the Lookout Tower dock, look at high above you facing west-northwest — towards the statue that Thor. You’ll see the crow circling. Climb together high together you can to make your throw easier. Girlfriend can acquire this raven throughout the High Water step on your very first visit, however it’ll be less complicated if you conserve it for the low Water Phase as soon as you can climb even higher.Cliffs the the raven (1 raven)
SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony interactive Entertainment via As quickly as girlfriend dock, look over you to spot the crow circling above you. You’ll need to lead the raven rather a little bit to land your shot.Buri’s Storeroom (1 raven)
SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony interactive Entertainment via Buri’s Storeroom is uncovered throughout the low Water Phase. While on the back side (northeast) the the island, turn and face phibìc to uncover this crow circling a column of stone.Stone drops (1 raven)
girlfriend can obtain this raven throughout the High Water phase — we’d indicate grabbing that on your way to complete Hammer Fall and exploring Veithurgard. After talking to the spirit, challenge the waterfall come the west — back across the bridge. You will do it spot this crow on optimal of the cliffs.Veithurgard (3 ravens)There are three ravens in the hidden an ar of Veithurgard.

The very first is circling the statue the Thor the you knock down as component of Hammer Fall.The second is behind some planks straight in former of the altar imprisoning Otr.The third is behind part rocks to the left the the key doors right into the dwarven king’s castle.Council the Valkyries/Mason’s Channel (1 raven)

SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony interaction Entertainment via follow to your map, there’s one raven in the council of Valkyries region and nobody in the Mason’s Channel. This is a small misleading. This raven is sit on height of the right oarsman statue’s boat’s figurehead. Friend can get a great angle on the from the bridge over come the board of directors of Valkyries or indigenous the coast to the northwest that Alfheim Tower.

Northri Stronghold (2 ravens)

A tiny while ~ you complete the very first half that Sindri’s favor in Fafnir’s Storeroom (where there also are some ravens, below), he’ll send you come the Nothri Stronghold. There room two ravens there.

The an initial is directly throughout from Sindri’s shop.The second is straight in front of the watercraft where friend retrieve the whetstone indigenous the Reaver. Indigenous the bow that the ship, look at the grate a little to the right. Forgotten Caverns (2 ravens)

When friend visit the forgotten Caverns during the High Water Phase, you’ll only have the ability to get a Nornir Chest and one that the 2 ravens.

The raven is sit on top of the pole holding the Nornir chest’s bells to the left that the beach.
The 2nd raven have the right to only it is in accessed during the low Water Phase. Native the forget Caverns, paddle east, climate north around to the ago side that the Svartalfheim Tower where you’ll uncover a cavern to paddle into (this is the method to king Hollow and Konunsgard throughout “Hail come the King”). Ditch the canoe at the beach on her left, then rise to the height of the wall. You’ll climb right past the second raven. Native the height of the wall, look under for basic angle on the raven.Konunsgard (5 ravens)You’ll concerned Konunsgard as component of the “Hail to the King” favor once Brok and Sindri space reunited. This is also where you’ll be able to complete “The Fire the Reginn” donate to cost-free one the the three dragons the are component of the “Free Dragons” labor (and part of earning the “Dangerous Skies” trophy).

After you satisfy Sindri in Konunsgard, continue along the path to the left to uncover a coffin v a Hel-walker inside. You’ll see a crow on the cliffs directly behind the coffin.A little later, when you’re working on retrieving the keys for the dwarven king’s door, you’ll fight an ogre (and miscellaneous other enemies) near a heap of rocks the look a bit like Stonehenge. You will do it loop around and also end increase on top of the arch right after that. This crow is on the cliffs to the southeast.The third raven is hiding in a rock alcove directly ahead of the altar keeping Reginn imprisoned.To retrieve an additional of the dwarven king’s keys, you’ll have to unlock a rune door. ~ above the other side, you will do it (eventually) knock down a bridge. Halfway throughout the bridge, the next raven will be on the right.The final raven is within the dwarven king’s castle. Simply through the doors, rotate to the right and head over to the Jotnur shrine. Revolve left in ~ the shrine and go come the finish of the room to find a coffin. The raven is up above the coffin at the end of the tunnel — the really difficult to spot against the backlight native outside.Fafnir’s Storeroom (5 ravens)
You can find the very first raven as soon as friend beach your canoe in ~ the other finish of Fafnir’s Ravine and also arrive at Fafnir’s Storeroom. Turn to the right and also look at the very end of the crane to spot the raven.Just a tiny further along, you’ll satisfy Sindri in ~ a franchise location. Face his shop, then turn a little to the left. There’s a crow circling over you.After Sindri’s shop, you’ll concerned a wooded area. Together the area opens up, the third raven will certainly be on your left just before the very first ledge you rise up.A little bit deeper right into the region, you’ll have to clear some Draugr the end of a larger wooded area. At the back, yes sir a Nornir Chest top top the right side. On the left is the key entrance to the Storeroom. Girlfriend won’t be able to actually go into there, however there’s a raven above the door.Once you finally get inside, the fifth and also final crow is circling the main room.Isle of fatality (1 raven)

SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony interactive Entertainment via once you come (back to) the Isle of death during the short Water Phase, the raven is just to the left the the beach wherein you land. You can’t obtain close to it, however you deserve to spot it with the gap in the rocks.Iron Cove (1 raven)
SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony interaction Entertainment via gaining to the raven in the stole Cove region takes a bit of work and also patience. You’ll have to wait for the low Level Phase, then walk to the Isle the Death. Native the Isle the Death, zip line end to the stole Cove and also climb onto the shipwreck in ~ the very top. Watch west-northwest to find the crow circling an outcropping that rock. It’s a lengthy throw that will certainly take a few tries, however this is the only place where you deserve to make the shot.Niflheim Tower (1 raven)
from the optimal of Niflheim tower, rotate right and face the bow the the shipwreck to the south. This raven is hanging out ideal at the an extremely front the the (broken) deck.Landsuther Mines (2 ravens)You’ll visit the Landsuther Mines to finish the “Deus Ex Malachite” favor for Brok.

Check in with Brok at his shop — the a little ways away from the beach and also you’ll need to do part climbing and also ledge-walking to get there. Turn roughly from his shop and look at the wooden scaffolding behind you to spot the raven at the top.Much later in the Favor, you’ll fight some Dark Elves as you climb up and out that the mine. Right prior to you claim Andvari’s Hammer, you will do it fight a Dark Elf mr (and some various other Dark Elves) ~ above a vast wooden platform. This raven is perched top top a nearby rock wall. (Look past the pile of wooden crates to find it.)

Late video game — Helheim (6 ravens)

To collect every item, you’ll have to make (at least) two trips to Helheim. You’ll take it the first one during the story thing “The Sickness.” The 2nd time, you’ll need to come here exterior of the main story and also bring Atreus along.

Helheim during “The Sickness” (3 ravens)

You can collect three ravens ~ above your an initial trip come Helheim.

The first is shortly after girlfriend arrive. As you do your means along (this variation of) Tyr’s Bridge, look for a ring above you about where the Serpent’s Horn would certainly be. Yes sir a crow perched just over you.As you proceed along, you’ll have to take a detour to the left to work your means past a locked door. As you continue approximately to the right, you will do it drop into to a Hel-walker-filled arena. On the much side, you’ll be on a cliff overlooking a chasm. The 2nd raven is circling under in that chasm.To acquire out of that same arena, you’ll need to burn away part Hel-bramble and also knock loosened a pillar. This crow is to your left as soon as you’re burning far the bramble.Return to Helheim v Atreus (3 ravens)

When you go back to Helheim with the young in tow ~ above the worst ar trip ever, girlfriend can obtain the last three ravens in this realm.

Head straight along the bridge till you pertained to the an initial of the two overpasses. Rise on top, revolve right, and also have the young blow increase the sap wall. There’s a raven over the coffin top top the various other side.Back top top the main bridge, proceed along come the second overpass. Rise up, revolve left this time, and also have the boy blow increase this sap wall, too. This one leads to a concealed Chamber and also (eventually) a Valkyrie. The next raven is just behind the sap wall on your right.In the same concealed Chamber, take it the elevator down. Once the elevator stop at the bottom, the crow is front of you close to the ceiling — versus the wall surface between this room and also the Valkyrie’s arena.

Late video game — Wildwoods (1 raven)

after you get the Magic Chisel as part of the aptly called “The Magic Chisel” key story chapter, you will do it get access to the surprise Chambers. Head ago to Kratos’ residence in the Wildwoods and head to the backyard. There’s part Hel-bramble you deserve to burn away here that will certainly let you up and also backtrack your way to the hidden Chamber. There’s no Valkyrie here, however there is a crow (and a really difficult Realm Tear encounter).

Valkyries Odin’s ravens (5 ravens)

Somewhere in most of those surprise Chambers room five an ext ravens (after the one Atreus helps you gain to in Helheim) — many of the Valkyries have actually a raven somewhere nearby.

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Editor’s note: relying on how friend think about (and categorize) it, girlfriend can uncover two Odin’s ravens in the Valkyrie Rota’s room in Helheim. We covered and counted both in the Helheim ar above, however we might also do the here, too, due to the fact that you could totally think of them together Valkyrie ravens.

So: together you rest the sap wall surface to accessibility the covert Chamber, you’ll check out a crow on her right. Take it the elevator down. Once it stop at the bottom, the raven is ahead of you near the ceiling — against the wall between this room and also the Valkyrie’s arena.