This is a page for the knives of Chaos weapon in God of war (2018) for the PS4. Review on come learn just how to gain the blades of Chaos, weapon upgrades, skills, Runic Attacks, and also Blade Pommels!

How to acquire the chisels of Chaos


The Blades the Chaos have the right to be derived during the ninth story chapter, The Sickness. Kratos will need to travel come Helheim to find a cure for Atreus"s illness and also he has to retrieve the knives of Chaos native their residence as the Leviathan Axe is useless against the realm"s enemies.

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The Sickness quest Walkthrough

Blades the Chaos Upgrades

Level price Stats
1 - 5 Runic
2 1 Chaos Flame 10 Runic
3 1 Chaos Flame 20 Runic
4 1 Chaos Flame 35 Runic
5 1 Chaos Flame 50 Runic

Blades that Chaos Skills

Melee Combat

skill Weapon Lv. Impact
Rushing Chaos
1 While sprinting, press R1 to execute a powerful doube-slash attack that staggers enemies.
Rising rage
1 Hold R2 to carry out a powerful attack that launches opponents into the air.
Plume that Chaos
2 Press R2 during the second-to-last irradiate combo attack to include a hefty Combo Finisher.
Whirling Chaos
2 Hold R1 to do a an effective attack that strikes every enemies about Kratos.
Chaos Slam
3 While sprinting, push R2 to leap right into the air and perform a powerful chain-slam attack.
Spinning Chaos Strike
3 While evading, hold L forward and also press R1 to execute a leaping spin attack.
Retreating Slash
3 While evading, hold L ago and push R1 to assault all opponents in a huge radius.
Chaotic Rampage
4 Switch stances through pausing momentarily after any type of Blades that Chaos attack. As soon as in a brand-new stance, press R1 to do a flurry the close-range attacks.
Chaotic Frenzy
5 Increases the number of strikes in the Chaotic Rampage attack.
Chaotic Flurry
5 Switch stances through pausing momentarily after any Blades that Chaos attack. Once in a brand-new stance, push R1 to perform an explosive triple-stab dash attack.
Chaotic Concussion
5 Press R2 ~ the Chaotic Flurry strike to execute a powerful follow-up stab the plants a detonating bomb on any enemies hit, inflicting extr BURN damage.

Elemental Combat

ability Weapon Lv. Impact
Spear of Chaos
1 While aiming, press R1 to impale an enemy and also yank them towards Kratos.
1 Perform assaults in quick succession without sustaining damages to power up the knives of Chaos and also inflict BURN damages on every hit. Bonus to LUCK and also RUNIC.
Elemental Slash
1 Aim and also Press R2 to execute a powerful sweeping attack that inflicts heavy BURN damage.
Elemental Surge
3 After impaling an opponent with the Spear that Chaos attack, host R1 to send one Elemental wave of energy down the chain, blasting and also launching the enemy into the air.
Furious Immolation
2 Increases the lot of Immolation got on every successful blades hit.
Elemental Charge
3 Aim and also hold R2 to charge up BURN damage that is inflicted ~ above impact.
Elemental Explosion
3 Increases the size and damage resulted in by the elemental Surge explosion, launching all enemies in selection and inflicting added BURN damage.
Engulfing Spear
4 The Spear of Chaos strike creates a young fire explosion on contact, inflicting BURN damage.
Elemental Overcharge
4 While aiming, organize R2 to charge the chisels of Chaos also further and also release a powerful Elemental slash inflicting massive BURN damage in a large area.
Essence of Athena
5 Permanently increases LUCK by 10.
Essence that Ares
5 Permanently increases STRENGTH by 10.

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Essence of Zeus
5 Permanently boosts RUNIC by 10.

List of knives of Chaos Skills