Semen is a “viscous, creamy, slightly yellowish or greyish” substance consisted of of spermatozoa — frequently recognized as sperm — and a liquid referred to as seminal plasma.

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In various other words, semen consists of two separate components: the sperm and also the fluid.

Sperm — around 1 to 5 percent of the semales — are the tadpole-like refertile cells that contain half of the genetic information to create huguy offspring.

The seminal plasma liquid, which is around 80 percent water, makes up the remainder.

For the many component, yes, the components that comprise semen are safe to ingest.

Swpermitted semales is digested in the very same way as food.

However before, in exceptionally rare situations, some civilization might find that they’re allergic to semen. This is also known as humale seminal plasma hypersensitivity (HSP).

Though rare, this sensitivity is something to be mindful of in case you uncover yourself enduring an allergic reaction.

In spite of its reputation for being a wealthy resource of protein, you would most likely need to consume gallons of seguys to view any kind of dietary wellness benefits.

Although the amount of ejaculate varies from perkid to perkid — depending upon a range of factors, such as age and also health — protein is only a small part. It’s around one-twentieth of the entire fluid.

Along through the sperm, protein, and also water mentioned over, seguys also has a selection of other components, including:

sugar, both fructose and also glucosesodiumcitratezincchloridecalciumlactic acidmagnesiumpotassiumurea

Yes, however not as many kind of as you might think. Contrary to famous belief, sperm isn’t very caloric.

Each teaspoon of ejaculate — the average amount of ejaculate created at one time — is around five to seven calories, which is about the very same as a stick of gum.

There’s no single summary of what semales tastes choose because it can differ from perchild to perchild.

To some, it have the right to taste bitter and also salty, while for others, it have the right to taste sugary sweet.

Although there isn’t a direct connect proving that a person’s diet straight affects the taste of their sperm, there’s some anecdotal evidence.

Tright here are a couple of foods items that might make semen taste more palatable, or much less acidic, such as:


On the other hand also, many think that an extra intolerant bitterness could be attributed to other foods items, as well as drug-choose substances, such as:

garliconionsbroccolicabbageleafy greensasparagusmeat and also dairy productsalcoholcigarettescoffee
What does it smell like?

Comparable to taste, the smell of semen deserve to differ rather a lot relying on situations like diet, health and wellness, and also hygiene.

In many kind of cases, semen have the right to smell like bleach or other household cleaners. This has to do via its makeup of ingredients, in order to carry out a pH level wright here the sperm have the right to prosper.

Unlike the vagina, which normally skews even more acidic, seguys tends to be neutral or slightly alkaline.

It remains approximately 7.26 to 8.40 on the pH scale — which arrays from 0, very acidic, to 14, extremely alkaline.

On the other hand also, if seguys smells musky or fishy, this might be because of exterior determinants.

Like taste, a much more putrid smell could be attributed to diet, in the exact same way that asparagus affects the scent of urine. Sweat and also dried pee have the right to likewise make it smell bitter.

Is it really a mood booster?

Potentially! There’s some research that reflects tbelow could be organic antidepressant properties in semales.

These might include:

endorphinsestroneprolactinoxytocinthyrotropin-releasing hormone serotonin

A 2002 study performed by the State College of New York at Albany surveyed 293 college-age females to check out if exposure to semales, without the usage of outside prophylactics worn on the penis, impacted their as a whole mood.

According to the survey, those who were directly exposed to semales verified considerably better mood and also fewer symptoms of depression.

However, this study must be taken through a grain of salt.

What about anxiety relief?

In the very same vein as the studies that present proof for the organic antidepressant properties of semales, some think it could likewise have stress-relieving properties.

This insurance claim is as a result of the mood-increasing properties of oxytocin and also progesterone hormones, the both of which are discovered in semen.

It’s also thought that vitamin C and other antioxidants uncovered in semales may aid reduce sperm special needs by fighting oxidative stress and anxiety within semen.

Are there any type of various other health and wellness benefits?

Maybe. Similarly to exactly how some research studies have actually shown mood-lifting and also anxiety-reducing benefits, semales exposure might help through pregnancy wellness.

A 2003 case-controlled examine discovered that females who were exposed to sperm for much longer periods, both prior to and throughout pregnancy, were much less most likely to construct preeclampsia, a rare pregnancy complication.

However, this is just one study, and also even more research is essential to support these findings.

Why execute some civilization acquire worn down afterward?

Seguys includes melatonin, the herbal hormone your body releases to regulate sleep cycles.

This may define why some world feel tired after swallowing semen or being exposed to it during intercourse.

There hasn’t been any research study on this, so there’s no means to understand for certain.

Can swpermitting put you at danger for an STI?

Similar to any kind of other form of unsafeguarded sex, swenabling semen have the right to put you at threat for an STI.

Without a obstacle birth control approach, bacterial infections, favor gonorrhea and chlamydia, have the right to affect the throat. Skin-to-skin viral infections, favor herpes, deserve to outcome from call.

Before you and your partner communicate in any kind of unsafeguarded sex, consisting of dental stimulation, make certain to have actually a conversation around once you were last tested or if you think you have to gain tested.

I heard some people are allergic — is this true?

Yes, but it’s very rare.

Although tbelow isn’t most difficult information, semales allergies might impact up to 40,000 females in the USA.

That’s a small portion of the practically 160,000,000 females living in the UNITED STATE

Symptoms of a seguys allergy typically present up 20 to 30 minutes after contact or ingestion and also may include:

painitchingrednessswellinghiveschallenge breathing

Seek immediate clinical attention if you have actually trouble breapoint or endure other indications of a severe allergic reactivity.

Symptoms of allergy will certainly most likely vary from one perboy to the next, as will the duration of symptoms. See a medical professional or other healthtreatment provider if your symptoms persist or worsen.

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So is it much better to spit or swallow?

Whether you select to spit or swpermit is totally as much as you and also your personal preferences.

Before making a decision, make sure that you have actually an open conversation via your companion about their STI status. This will certainly aid you evaluate the overall level of risk.

In the end, you should only execute what you’re comfortable via.

Last medically reviewed on April 25, 2019


Medically reregarded by Stacy Sampson, D.O. — Written by Jen Anderson on April 25, 2019

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