Girl’s Frontlineis an great simulation game (SLG) v gacha mechanics and real-time combat whereby you get to collect thousands of waifus to add to your squads and fight the encroaching Sangvis threat. In this game, you’ll take to the field and also travel through tons of step to drive the enemy out, capture their command posts, and also establish dominance in the surname of the Griffin security Contractor!


However, there’s rather a lot to this game in regards to mechanics. In fact, if you’re a newbie and also just beginning out, there’s a an excellent chance the you quiet don’t understand how many things work, as well as what you should be working on native the really beginning. In the heart of helping you out, we’ve created this beginner’s guide for Girls’ Frontline so you have the right to learn about the basics and also get her bearings.

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Missions and also Combat

After the introductory cutscenes, you’ll be presented through the goals list, i m sorry is wherein you’ll it is in spending most of your time in this game. ~ all, clearing the story missions is among the most crucial things you have the right to do indigenous the an extremely beginning, given that you can unlock numerous different features and receive powerful characters through completing this assignments.


The missions in GFL are fairly straightforward, if no a bit different than what you may have actually seen in other comparable games. At the beginning of every assignment, you’ll view a list of problems necessary for completing the level, as well as optional goals to attain the various ranks. It’s vital to always complete stages v an S-rank, and collecting every medals, because this will enable you to perform auto-battles in that stage and farm resources instantly from the moment.

Though it can take you numerous attempts to gain all those medals, especially in the beginning, it’s certainly worth the effort, particularly when it concerns farming specific stages such together 1-2, 0-1, 7-1, or 4-1N, i m sorry are some of the ideal levels for obtaining materials and grinding for experience.


Basic Resources

There space 4 an easy resources in Girls’ Frontline: Ammo, Rations, Manpower, and also Parts. These sources are supplied for countless different functions in the game, many of which usually goes towards producing new T-Dolls in the factory. However, these materials are additionally quite important since they’re offered even throughout missions. Every formation (echelon) the you deploy expenses Manpower, and Ammo and Rations because that resupplying. The larger the echelon, the more resources it’ll price to deploy/resupply. Moreover, if your resources run dry, you’re usually out of luck due to the fact that your devices can’t hit nor survive without supplies.


Luckily, it’s pretty simple to get resources top top a day-to-day basis, simply by perfect daily and also weekly missions. However, some of these objectives require in reality spending substantial resources to complete, so you need to think around what work to complete and which to leave for later. Because that instance, some missions may require creating a certain variety of T-Dolls, i m sorry not only requires every 4 of these resources, but additionally T-Doll Contracts, among others. Nevertheless, the weekly missions, in particular, give tons of sources so shot to complete them ASAP.

Echelons, Rations, and Ammo

Your devices in Girls’ Frontline enter the stages in echelons of up to 5 characters. These echelons can be deployed one of two people from your HQ on the map or from captured Heliports. Whenever they’re deployed, they immediately resupply ammo and also rations ago to 100%, which space deducted from your grand total (shown on the top right that the battle screen).

Your rations and also ammo room exceedingly important for the combat in Girls’ Frontlinesince an echelon with no ammo can’t fight and also will immediately lose if engaging v the enemy. An echelon burns through 20% of their ammo and 10% of their rations every time they interact an foe in battle, too as an additional 10% rations every turn. This way that a traditional echelon can only engage against 5 enemies or stay idle because that 10 turns, in ~ most, unless they resupply at a Heliport or HQ.


Even though you could have the the strongest echelon that can easily defeat any type of enemy in a few seconds, lock can’t hit on empty stomachs nor without ammunition, therefore make sure to resupply when necessary. Or much better yet, optimize your course so girlfriend can finish the mission without having actually to invest extra sources on resupplying.

T-Dolls and Their Properties

Your characters in Girls’ Frontline, called T-Dolls, come in different varieties and offer miscellaneous skills. The 5 main types of characters are the following:

SMG: Wields submachine guns. They have high evasion and HP. Right for tanking bosses.AR: Wields attack rifles. Balanced stats, through a high emphasis on DPS.RF: Wields sniper rifles. They offer awesome DPS and also attack the enemy’s back row directly. They can quickly defeat armored enemies.HG: Wields handguns. Castle are mostly support units that can buff nearby allies. Lock can additionally tank somewhat since they have actually high evasion and HP, despite not and SMG dolls.MG: Wields machine guns. They usually function high explode damage and rate that fire, but require many ammo and have long reload periods.SG: Wields shotguns. The finest tanks in the game as result of high HP and armor. They are breakable to armor-piercing enemies due to the fact that they have low evasion and also mobility.


Aside native their duties in combat, every unit has particular tile buffs, positive effects they can give to allies on certain slots in the formation. HG characters are, by far, the people who have the finest buffs the can advantage numerous allies in the formation. However, some units have actually buffs that can advantage allies of certain types. For instance, AR and also SMG personalities usually make an excellent partners due to the fact that some that them have the right to buff the other type, and also vice versa.

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The Factory: Recruiting brand-new T-Dolls

Lastly, one of the attributes you’ll need to come to be intimate v is the Factory, which is where you’ll it is in producing brand-new characters, upgrading present ones, and even activating your Dummy Links. In short, this is where you’ll come when you want to job-related on your characters and also strengthen lock in many ways. We’ll walk into an ext details the this function in our Girl’s Frontline factory and also upgrade guidebut, because that now, all you need to recognize is the you’ll be visiting this feature quite frequently during your time with this game.


For starters, we recommend merely jumping into a few missions and practice with getting used to the combat device in this game. When you’ve done number of runs, swing by our blog and also look up other guides so you have the right to learn around other aspects of Girls’ Frontline. And remember, if you want the an extremely best endure with this SLG, make certain to play it on computer with!