Can"t Soptimal Thinking About Your Partner"s Past?

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Are feelings of disgust ruining your relationship? “My girlfriend’s past disgusts me,” is one of the topic lines I see the majority of often in my email inbox. If disgust is plaguing your partnership, you’re not alone.

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In this article, I share my peak 5 tactics for moving your perspective from “my girlfriend’s previous disgusts me.”

These tactics come from years of supporting world to heal from obsessive negative thoughts around their partner’s previous. Not to mention, my very own healing.

Unmuch less the amount of damage done is insurmountable, it typically possible to repair a relationship that’s been shed by feelings of disgust and judgment.

Let’s discover exactly how.

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Disgust is a tough one.

It’s ideal up there through shame and humiliation for the title of “humale emovements we’d fairly not comment on.”

Many of the time, we don’t want to acexpertise these emotions within ourselves.

Still, “my girlfriend’s previous disgusts me,” is a regular layout in my one-on-one coaching calls and also virtual course.I firmly think if one person concerns me feeling a certain method, there are most likely hundreds of others seeking answers to the very same question.

When numerous people pertained to me saying “my girlfriend’s past disgusts me,” I kbrand-new it was time for me to create about it.

Men come to me saying, “my girlfriend’s previous disgusts me,” what they are really saying is, “my girlfriend’s sex-related past disgusts me.”

If we’re talking about disgust in relationships, it virtually always comes ago to sex.

There’s an evolutionary factor for this.Disgust is one of the fundamental emotions all humans are born through to help us make it through. Its function is to save us healthy and balanced.

It’s easiest to think around disgust making use of food analogies: our feelings of disgust are what keeps us from eating the rotten meat that would make us sick.


We are also programmed to experience disgust whenever before tbelow is a danger of contagious illness.

It’s why we feel grossed out by other people’s bodily fluids and would a lot rather percreate CPR on a loved one than a stranger (Buzekova, T and M. Isova 2010:233).Sexual disgust is among 6 strains of disgust researchers have figured out.

Sexual disgust can manifest once we learn around a partner’s background of casual sex.

There are two reasons a partner’s background of casual sex is a common trigger for disgust.

The initially comes earlier to what disgust is engineered to do: store us safe. Learning that our companion has actually a background of casual sex have the right to sfinish a red-flag to our brain that we are at raised threat for contagious condition, or infidelity. Our bodies create a disgust response to attempt to keep us safe.

These are primal emotional systems that haven’t adjusted to the times we’re living in.

In the same method that it have the right to be difficult to turn-off instinctual flight or fight responses to a entirely safe case, it can also be hard to turn off disgust. Even when it isn’t warranted.

(Your disgust doesn’t recognize around condoms or STI screenings. It can’t aid it!).

Now, prior to you go show your girlfriend this article and also blame every little thing on her “cooties,” remember that this is only fifty percent of the disgust equation.

The other, higher, create for sex-related disgust is morality.

Morality is learned and also disgust is a powerful teacher.

Scientists believe that disgust is offered as a tool in our socialization. It’s an emotional gadget that helps us adapt to the rules and also beliefs of our families and cultures (Buzekova, T, and also M. Isova 2010:233).

Social conditioning have the right to shape our morals without us being mindful of it.

Before we’re capable of important thought, we’re taught what is ideal and what is wrong.

Who is good and that is poor.

We additionally learn what type of behaviour is acceptable for men and womales, and what to worth in relationships.

A lot of the messeras we get around sex and relationships imprint a strict ethical code on us at a young age.

When it concerns learned principles, sex-related “purity” in women is a worth that appears in many type of societies and also cultures roughly the world.

Messperiods that a woman that has actually been through multiple males is someexactly how “spoiled” or “tainted” are pervasive in many cultures.

Those repeated messages can have actually increated the beliefs you have about womales that are external of your awareness.

These messages come from our parents, extfinished family members, spiritual areas, neighbours, and schooling.

They’re repetitive in tv programs, publications, and renowned media.

Sometimes, they are presented by spiritual organizations and also teachers.

So take a moment to reflect on the messages you received about women flourishing up.

Were the woguys that you admired and also taught to respect seen as virginal, loyal – practically prudish?

Regardmuch less, whether it’s morals, biology, or a tiny bit of both, expertise the roots of disgust in romantic relationships deserve to just aid us so much.

As I am fond of informing students and coaching clients, “there is no intellectual solution for retroactive jealousy.”

The genuine answers lie deeper than our intellect.Here are a couple of things I’ve learned from the hundreds of human being I’ve coached around just how to heal from disgust about a girlfriend’s previous.


How to Move From “My Girlfriend’s Past Disgusts Me” to Peace At Last

Step #1) Identify whether your disgust has actually come to be obsessive.

If the disgust you feel around your partner’s sex-related previous is keeping you up at night and also making intimacy difficult, you might be struggling through obsessive believed fads.Scientists have oboffered links in between disgust and also Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

If you’re acquainted with any kind of of my occupational on retroenergetic and obsessive jealousy, you’ll understand the very same web links to OCD present up tright here.

How execute you understand if the disgust you feel has actually come to be an obsessive thought pattern?

A little bit of jealousy and also disgust in a partnership is normal. If you typed “my girlfriend’s previous disgusts me” right into a google search engine and also landed here – most likely you’re coming to be conscious of a greater problem.

Our actions are tell-tale indications that an emotion has actually end up being an obsession.

Do you generally question your girlfriend about her past?

Or look up her exes on social media?

Is your disgust maintaining you from having actually better, or even more frequent sex?

If disgust is gaining in the method of your relationship, your mind has actually attached significant interpretation to a story around your girlfriend’s past.

Our minds gain stuck on details that dispute through deep-seated, regularly unquestioned ideas we organize.

These beliefs might be conscious or unconscious.

You may be attached to a story around your girlfriend’s past because it disagrees via the information you were taught as a boy about just how an “right woman” and also “perfect wife” have to behave.

What “excellent girls” do–and also don’t carry out.

When somepoint in our truth disagrees via our value system, our brains deserve to spiral out of regulate.

We obtain stuck on that problem because we seek harmony in between our values and also our lived fact.

The first step in changing our believed behavior is to come to be mindful of them.

Identify exactly which story from your girlfriend’s previous is triggering you. Try to get particular about exactly what is bothering you about your girlfriend’s previous.

Next, evaluate whether or not these unwanted thoughts have end up being obsessive.


Which brings me to my second piece of advice.

Tip #2) Seek solitude to contact your core values

So much of what we value is passed down from others, and doesn’t truly belengthy to us.

In his book, The Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz talks around the process of “domestication” that we all go via in childhood.

As we are “tamed,” he says, “we learn exactly how to live and exactly how to dream” (1997, p. 6).

Miguel Ruiz goes on to say that at a certain suggest in our childhood, the domestication process is so solid that we no much longer need civilization or establishments to domesticate us.

Our minds end up being so well trained that we begin to domesticate ourselves.

This process is additionally dubbed socialization.

To acquire previous disgust, we must align via what truly matters to us, outside of our “learned morals.”

To do this, we must “unlearn” the socialized ideas we have that don’t serve us.

It indevelops the method we look at just about every facet of our lives.

It’s worth acknowledging that you didn’t select to prosper up viewing sex and also sexuality the way you did.

The means a “excellent woman” or a “decent man” was defined for you in childhood could not fit what you think to be true.

The relationships that you witnessed modeled might not be exactly how you would choose to love someone.

Still, your mind will certainly try to convince you its the only means, if you’re not careful.In the individual expansion human being, we call these unmindful thoughts limiting beliefs.

They are ways we view the human being that we have actually unconsciously welcomed as fact. Generally, we are unaware we have these beliefs.


If you are going to conquer romantic disgust, obsessive jealousy (or, frankly, any of the many type of problems that hold us back), you have to come to be mindful of your ideas.

I recommfinish sitting down via a piece of paper and composing out – unfiltered – any type of of the expectations for relationships that were modeled for you as a child.

How were you taught guys were supposed to act in relationships?

How were you taught woguys were intended to behave?

Are the requirements and expectations the very same for both genders?

Don’t acquire dvery own on yourself if some of these feel hypocritical, vain, or wrong to you.

If you uncover yourself getting important about what’s coming up, you’ve stumbled on something significant:

Much of what we’re told to believe as children goes against our actual core worths.

I recommfinish spending some time in solitude to acquire ago in touch through what you truly value.

Go for a walk, meditate, or create some principles out by hand also on paper.

It may issue a lot to your paleas or your church that your girlfrifinish didn’t conserve herself for you.

Does it matter to you, though?


Did you have partners before your girlfriend?

Do you think she would be justified in being judgpsychological about your past?

There’s many noise in our heads at eincredibly provided moment.

Very little bit of what plays on the radio of our mind actually belongs to our voice.

The even more you deserve to tune right into your values, the more you deserve to drvery own out everybody else’s.A last note around morals, worths, and social conditioning: it can be basic to blame world for planting unhelpful thoughts in our heads. Remember that those that “domesticated” you were simply repeating the very same stories they were told flourishing up.

Socialization is nobody’s fault.

It is our responsibility to unlearn what doesn’t serve us, though, and also live according to our true worths.

Now, if you arrive at the conclusion that you actually believe, deep in your spirit, in your socio-cultural conditioning–fine. Then, you should make decisions based on your fully acknowledged, completely owned, core ideas.

But if you’re conflicted around your socio-cultural conditioning, take the moment to really tease it out. Take the time to consider various perspectives, seek out a variety of teachers, and also read widely.

Only then deserve to you truly decide for yourself on your vision of the world.

But, for the objectives of this write-up, let’s assume you’re open to the idea that much of your socio-cultural conditioning is bogus.

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Which brings us to:

Step #3) Experiment through replacing the disgust believed through its opposite

Considering different thoughts is an enormously effective exercise to conquer obsessive thinking.

They’re one way we have the right to trick our brains right into relocating from an unfavorable believed pattern to a positive one.