Honestly, eincredibly time I think I've viewed it all, someone comes up through a new hoax. The next point you'll tell me is civilization are smoking roaches.

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Wait. Never before mind.

Anymeans, this week's exercise in digital gullibility is a clever before mixup of reporting on somepoint referred to as "dabbing," or smoking butane hash oil. You make it by mixing liquid butane in with your pot. Which, frankly, appears stupider than cigarette smoking bed bugs.

If you take some footage of bed bugs and interweave it via legit reporting on this drug worry, it looks like this:

It's from Arizona, so that does aid it seem plausible, yet this is a really well-done April Fools joke. You have the right to view component of the original video here; you'll automatically identify some of the language. I haven't been able to determine the original resource of the skilled talking head video, but I'm sure someone will uncover that soon.

Bed bugs perform create a selection of chemicals, many of which are under investigation for possible use in control. Dogs have the right to likewise be trained to discover bed bugs by discovering their unique odor. Personally, I've always believed that bed bugs smell like crayons. But I haven't ever smoked them or licked them. And I have no plans to perform so.

Addendum April 12, 2014: The "bed bug addict" that showed up in the video, Shane Watkid contacted me and also asked me to include a link to his statement. His photo was provided without authorization in the bed bug video, and reportedly it's making life fairly unpleasant for him.

"I did the original ABC 15 dabbing interview to make paleas mindful that some kids are making butane hash oil. Kids shouldn't be making or making use of butane hash oil, or any kind of other mind-transforming substance. Kids should be youngsters, and also wait till adulthood to make options about alcohol and drugs."


Gwen Pearboy has a PhD in Entomology, and also is Outreach Coordinator for the Purdue Department of Entomology.

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