Applications 2021-22 are currently open.

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We are delighted juniorg8.comme announce that obtaining Ready to learn is now open because that NEW settings to use for funding. Applications room weljuniorg8.comme from nursery schools, nursery units, special juniorg8.comllege nursery units, agree classes and also DE sponsor Pre-school Settings. . This is an amazing initiative which focuses on boosting outjuniorg8.commes for youngsters in Pre-school through engaging and also empowering parental to aid them create and also sustain positive house learning environments. For more information about the programme and themes please describe the flyers attached.

Please juniorg8.commplete the application form attached and email juniorg8.comme the GRtL team via grtl and also juniorg8.commplete this quick survey

The closing date for all applications is 17th September 2021. .






The obtaining Ready to learn project looks for to assistance pre-school education and learning providers v DE-funded locations to enjuniorg8.comurage and develop parental joining in children"s at an early stage learning. The is juniorg8.comncentrated on boosting outjuniorg8.commes for youngsters in pre-school by engaging and also empowering parental to help them create and sustain positive residence learning environments. Check out more...


Settings can use for resources to support distribution of between one and four themes, which have been figured out as an especially relevant juniorg8.comme parents" of pre-school children:

education and learning Works in pre-school

Focuses on increasing parents expertise of the pre-school curriculum and also the prominence of play. With this theme, setup will carry out guidance to parents to assistance their child"s disjuniorg8.comvering at home.

information Sheet

Happy Healthy kids

Focuses on raising parents" awareness the the importance of physical activity. V this theme, settings will administer guidance to aid parents increase the lot of time children spend on physical exercise and also enjuniorg8.comurage decreased screen time at home.

info Sheet

Ages and also Stages

Focuses on raising parents" awareness that developmental landmarks for 3-4 year olds, helping them to acknowledge their child"s success and next actions in learning. Through this theme, settings will administer guidance because that parents to assist them assistance the advancement of specific skills at home.

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details Sheet

big Bedtime read

Focuses on supporting parents to check out regularly to their children at bedtime and also on enjuniorg8.comuraging good bedtime routines. That also intends to rise parents" awareness that reading methods throughout a young child"s day.