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Genghis cannes was the world’s greatest conqueror, civilizer and also innovator, but how much do you really know around him? below are five rapid facts to know prior to you visit Genghis Khan at discovery Place

1. No one in reality knows what he looked like.During his lifetime, Genghis cannes forbade anyone to repaint his portrait or sculpt his image. ~ his death, his dedicated followers captured his likeness in countless ways and forms, keeping his image for future generations, despite to this day, no one knows for sure what Genghis khan actually looked like. One writer native the 14th century declared that khan had green eyes and red hair.

2. He come from humble beginnings. “Genghis Khan” loosely equates to “oceanic ruler.” prior to Genghis Khan ended up being a an excellent ruler, he was well-known as Temujin. Legend holds that he came into the people clutching a blood clot in his ideal hand.

3. He could be your far-off relative.Genghis Khan had six Mongolian wives and over 500 concubines. Geneticists estimate that 16 million males alive today are genetic descendants the Genghis Khan, make him one of the many prolific patriarchs in history.

4. He to be not simply a cruel conqueror.While Genghis khan was a merciless warrior, he was likewise a savvy statesman who emerged written language and a sophisticated society with fair taxation, stable government, evaluation of the arts, religious freedom and also open profession along the Silk Road.

5. He established the concept of passports.Genghis Khan developed passports to safeguard diplomats, merchants and also messengers. Metal tablets forged from gold, silver- or stole were often printed in multiple language so they might be understood across the various cultures and languages talked in the great empire. Uneven the passports that today, this plaques inquiry the for sure passage that the traveler. Anyone who declined or disobeyed the order to be killed.

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Visit Genghis Khan at exploration Place and also experience life in 13th-century Mongolia, beginning the tents, battlegrounds and also marketplaces of a vanished world. Explore modern-day Mongolian life and also see how the distinctive horse-based culture of Genghis Khan’s time stubborn today, eight centuries after his rule.