How stinkin’ cute room these candy canes? They are so easy to make and also perfect because that the small ones to aid out through for Christmas. They will certainly love every the colors and also eating castle too! This handmade is perfect for working on colors, patterns, and fine motor skills. Every you require is 2 items. Pipe cleaners and.. Friend guessed it. Fruit Loops cereal. You can decorate her Christmas tree through these Froot Loop liquid canes and even do Froot Loop garland!

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Did you establish Fruit Loops are spelled Froot Loops? I entirely didn’t realize till now! Froot Loops grain was among my favourite cereals as a kid. Ok, ok, it’s tho a favourite now! the comes home every now and also then as a one-of-a-kind treat to relive my childhood. So when I was thinking of making candy canes, ns knew these little loops had actually to be involved. For this reason much more fun 보다 dare i say Cheerios? although the standard Cheerios work just as well.


This Christmas craft is additionally so cheap to make. I spent probably $5 on the all and also you can make lots of liquid canes. Teachers can use this handmade in their classroom together well. I never knew exactly how versatile grain could be. I’m for this reason excited to share some great ideas that using grain for a range of various educational and also fun activities including some great freebies!

below are some of the means you can use cereals choose Froot Loops:

Arts and CraftsLearning/ EducationMath- Counting, adding, subtracting, etc. SpellingFine motor SkillsGamesand many more!

These make for a an excellent snack for youngsters to come home and enjoy. They can drop the grain in a bowl with milk or they have the right to eat that dry right off the pipeline cleaner.


A box will offer you the chance to do them every day during the Christmas season, but you can also use them for other crafts all year round, prefer the people below! Don’t forget come download every the freebies because that you and also your small one!


Practice Colors:

Have your child split all the froot loops into various colored bowls to exercise learning ideas like same/different, shade identification, and also counting.

Click here or click the picture below come download this cost-free printable!

Practice Math v a mathematics Rainbow Game

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Practicing math has actually never been much more fun, particularly when you deserve to involve food. Bribery in ~ its finest.