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A 10,000 volt spark timer locations spark dots on a waxed tape as things falls freely. At best is a photo of the marks placed on the waxed tape. The is add by one actual collection of distance data measured from the spark locations.


The plot of the measured street data over gives an superior quadratic curve, simply as the movement equations predict for a continuous acceleration.


Taking differences in between the measured ranges in pairs and dividing by 1/60 second gives this velocity curve. The is generally a right line together predicted through v=gt, yet you have the right to see deviations which we linked with a slim rocking motion of the bob as it falls.


Now taking differences between the calculated average velocities and also dividing by 1/60 second gives a plot of the median acceleration together a role of time. The hardly watch like consistent acceleration, however we have several wonderful excuses. First, the raw measurement data has actually now been multiplied through 3600, accentuating any kind of measurement uncertainties. Second, the rocking that the falling bob the became evident in the velocity plot over is further accentuated in the acceleration plot. However the rocking movement is periodic and tends come cancel out in the typical value of the acceleration, and the mean acceleration obtained from the 19 place measurement was 980.00 cm/s2! compared to the conventional value that g because that Atlanta, i m sorry is 979.5 cm/s2, this value only deviates 0.05% native the traditional value. Below we space reporting probably the best value we ever before got, however the values from this experiment space usually between 960 and 1000 cm/s2, so the is a great freefall experiment.

The bob is suspended indigenous the pointed iron core of one electromagnet at the height of the sparking apparatus.
On the insulating bob has been put a steel ring through a sharp edge. It fills many of the space between the prior wire and also the back wire positioned behind the waxed tape.

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The spicy edge concentrates the electric field and makes it easier for a spark to jump to the ring and also from the ring come the back wire, passing with the ice to make the mark.
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