Use this type to replace your permanent Resident map (also recognized as your environment-friendly Card).

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Before filing her I-90, check to view if you"re default to come to be a U.S. Citizen

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DO not submit this form if you room a conditional resides seeking come remove problems on your environment-friendly Card. If you room a conditional resident, you must submit among the following:

Beginning in January 2021, if you are applying to renew your green Card, your kind I-90 receipt an alert (also well-known as type I-797) will certainly say the following and also can be provided with her expired green Card as proof of your lawful long-term resident status: 

This notification provides proof of her lawful permanent resident standing for 12 months from the expiration day on your form I-551, permanent Resident card (also known as a environment-friendly Card). You stay authorized to work and also travel. This notice, presented through your expired permanent Resident Card, is evidence of your status and also work authorization.

If you carry out not have actually your environment-friendly Card or her card expired more than 12 month ago, you will certainly need proof of her lawful permanent resident status while waiting to receive a brand-new Green Card, and we may issue you an extraterrestrial Documentation, identification & Telecommunications (ADIT) rubber stamp after you file this form. Additionally, if you used for citizen at least six months prior to your eco-friendly Card expired, friend may have the ability to receive one ADIT stamp rather of submit a kind I-90. If you require assistance, call the contact Center.

If currently accepted your applications to renew your green Card and also you have not to be issued a biometrics appointment notice, will mail you a new receipt notification to use v your expired eco-friendly Card as temporary evidence of her lawful permanent resident status. If has actually issued you a biometrics meeting notice, you will certainly not receive an amended receipt notice but girlfriend will receive an expansion sticker at her biometrics appointment.

If you perform not get this receipt notification or your notice is lost or damaged, you deserve to request a brand-new notice by submitting one inquiry digital or by calling the contact Center. If you have a online account, you can print a copy of the notice for her records.

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As a lawful permanent resident, girlfriend must have a valid, unexpired eco-friendly Card or indistinguishable documentation through you at every times. Applying for naturalization walk not adjust this requirement.