nter carbon in the organic substrate and organic product. Encompass wedge/dash bonds and also H on a stereocenter. The correct (R) or (S) designations for the stereocenter carbons are: A. The organic substrate is (S) and also the essential product is (R). B. The necessary substrate is (R) and the necessary product is (S). C. The essential substrate and also organic product are both (S ) D. The essential substrate and also organic product space both (R)


The correct option is A. The necessary substrate is (S) and the organic product is (R).


The exactly juniorg8.com is A because in stereochemistry we signify the substrate as S and the product the the reaction is denoted through R. Hence, A is the correct option. The mechanism of the reaction that SN2 reaction have the right to be explained as: that is a one-step nucleophilic substitution reaction. That is recognized as the SN2 reaction because two reactants are associated in the rate-determining step. The system of reaction involves the strike of the nucleophile top top the electrophile which outcomes in a change phase with the alkyl team leaving the electrophile and also the nucleophile developing a brand-new bond with the remaining substrate.


K = 351.3


The relationship in between the Celsius scale and also kelvin scale is;

K = 273 + C

Since the Celsius temperature = 78.3

The kelvin temperature is offered as;

K = 273 + 78.3

K = 351.3


The reaction expression is offered as:

2H₂ + O₂ → 2H₂O

The limiting reactant is the reactant in short short it is provided in the provided reaction.

To uncover the limiting reactant we use the number of moles.

fixed of H₂ = 5g

mass of O₂ = 10g

variety of moles =


Molar mass of H₂ = 2(1) = 2g/mol

Molar mass of O₂ = 2(16) = 32g/mol

number of moles H₂ =

= 0.4mole

variety of moles O₂ =

= 0.3mole

indigenous the well balanced reaction equation:

2 mole that H₂ reacts with 1 mole that O₂

0.4 mole the H₂ reacts through 0.2 mole the O₂

But us are offered 0.3 mole of O₂, for this reason the limiting reactant is H₂ since oxygen gas is in excess


A. 3.2L the NO

B. 4.8L the H2O


We"ll start by composing the well balanced equation because that the reaction. This is given below:

4NH3 + 5O2 —> 4NO + 6H2O

A. Decision of the litres that NO produced from the reaction. This is illustrated below:

From the well balanced equation above,

5L of O2 created 4L that NO.

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Therefore, 4L the O2 will produce = (4x4)/5 = 3.2L of NO.

B. Determination of the litres that H2O produced from the reaction. This is illustrated below:

From the balanced equation above,

5L that O2 developed 6L that H2O.

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Therefore, 4L that O2 will produce = (4x6)/5 = 4.8L the H2O


See explanation


From the parameters provided;


n= 1.46 moles

P= 0.982 ATM

T= 13°C + 273 = 286 K

R = 0.0821 L.atm/mol.K



V= nRT/P

V= 1.46 × 0.0821 × 286/0.982

V= 34.9 L

b) Boyle"s law states that, the pressure of a given mass of gas is inversely proportional come its volume at continuous temperature and pressure. This statement is a exactly postulation around ideal gases which deserve to be landed on from the kinetic theory of gases.